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around our over labored justice system. Fancy lawyers, plenty of money to grease the necessary palms when things get out of hand. But behind all those men and women you so easily insult, there is another form of justice, and they see everything.”

“What the hell?” The mouthy one was trying to back up, but his friend was hiding behind him, clutching him so hard he couldn’t move. “What’s with the costume, man? It’s not Halloween, its fucking Christmas.”

“We don’t work for hell, we work for the Underworld,” Wesley said calmly, moving so he could block Paul from Cass and his attackers. “This young man you thought was useless is special. He might be homeless, but he’s doing his best and he’s just trying to get by. Cass, babe, did Paul do anything at all to upset these men?”

“Nothing, his soul is pure, and he was trying to get away when these two herded him down here.” Cass’s voice was deep enough to strike terror into anyone. “But these two…”

“Ah, yes, that’s the proof I mentioned.” Wesley waved his hand at his mate. “Demons have the innate ability to see into a human’s soul and read all of their darkest thoughts and desires. He knows every single one of your transgressions because they are etched on your soul. Those marks never come off. So, when you end your time on this mortal coil…” Wes looked at his watch. “Which will probably be in the next ten minutes, you’ll end up in the Underworld because your soul is too black to go anywhere else. That’s the problem with assholes like you. You think the consequences of your actions are confined to the living. I’ve got news for you, and it’s all bad.”

He turned to the frightened shifter, who didn’t seem so frightened now. In fact, he was staring at Cass in awe. “Cass is my mate, Paul. He’ll make sure these two won’t hurt anyone else again. Do you fancy a coffee? Maybe a bite to eat? My treat.” Resting his hand on Paul’s shoulder, Wesley led the boy out of the alley, keeping him away from the assholes on the ground.

“You’re like me. How did you know my name?” Paul muttered as they got out of earshot.

“If you mean I’m a shifter, yes, I’m just like you. Wolf, though, not a big cat like you,” Wesley said gently. “My true mate, Cass, is a demon as you can see. He’s quite harmless to innocents like you, it’s just scums like those two he gets upset with. Oh, good, an all-night diner. Let’s go in, shall we?”

Paul hung back, tugging at his shirt, and trying to cover the hole in his pants. “It’s Christmas Eve,” he whispered. “I’m sure you have plans with your mate. You’ve probably got a family dinner planned and everything. I can’t go in there… my clothes… I’ve got no money…”

“I am so sorry.” Wes clicked his fingers. “My only excuse is my mate gets me really hot under the collar when he’s being bad-ass in his demon form. Does that feel better?”

“How did you…? Oh, my gods.” Paul patted his new clothes. Only jeans and a thick sweater, but they were clean, and his sneakers no longer had holes in them. “This is like a Christmas miracle or something. How did you do that? How did you even know I was in trouble in that alley? Do you work for God, or something?” The last part was whispered.

“A couple of gods, actually,” Wesley said opening the diner door and ushering the young shifter through. “You should know, as one of us, that there are more things in life than Heaven and Hell and this bit in between. You caught the eye of a friend of mine, and he told me and Cass where to be. And here we are. Order anything you like.”

Okay, being friends with Zeus might have been stretching the truth, as neither Wesley nor Cass had met him. But Wesley was pleased to see Paul ordering with the enthusiasm of a young shifter who hadn’t eaten for a while. Their plates were more than half empty when Cass sauntered in, human form this time, waving as he went to place his order at the counter.

“So, this is something you two do all the time,” Paul asked curiously, as Cass came over with a plate and sat beside his mate. “You just randomly turn up and rescue people. What happens to them then? I’m grateful