The Wolfs Maine - By Jinni James Page 0,1

his wife every single time? I’ve often wondered if he was sleeping with another woman but honestly he barely has time to eat. I can’t imagine him running off with some woman for sex. Plus, if he was having sex I would think he would be in a much better mood all the time instead of the same old sour puss I see every day. I almost wish he was sleeping around just to have him in a better mood. He is always so grumpy and starts arguments over anything and everything he can think of. He has the worst temper I have ever seen, even worse when he’s been drinking which he does a lot of. I feel like I am constantly walking on eggshells in my own home. What am I to do though? Nicholas won’t leave me. He has threatened not only my life but my aunt and friends as well if I try to leave. I never understood why. Maybe he likes having that control over me? Maybe he likes having me stuck and having to rely on him? I don’t know. I absolutely hate living in fear in my own house, or I should say his house because I am just lucky enough that I get to live here.

So I just bite my tongue and live my life one day at a time. The more I think about my life the more tired I become and decide to lie down and salvage what’s left of the night. Maybe that dream is gone? Maybe it has vanished somewhere in the back of my mind? I hope.

The next morning I wake and get my usual routine out of the way and ship Nicholas off to work. I finally sit at the computer and attempt to write yet again. I get about a thousand words in when I just can’t think anymore and delete everything I have just written. I have no motivation for writing. I feel so alone and disconnected to everything. What I wouldn’t give for a love like I read about in other’s books. I just want someone to love me, to want me, to protect me. If only that kind of love could exist for me.

A knock on my door startles me out of my misery and my best friend Jaci, walks in. Jaci looks as beautiful as always. I don’t think she has ever had one bad looking day. She looks like a model. Long legs, long torso, and long beautiful blonde hair and of course the blue eyes to go with it. She is one of those women you would love to hate but her beautiful personality proves she’s not like most girls who look the way she does. She is a wonderful friend and would bend over backwards to help if you needed it. I was truly lucky and blessed to have a friend like her.

“What’s up Ava? I brought you a Starbucks. Grande vanilla latte with whipped cream like always. Will you ever drink anything else? You know they carry all kinds of coffees?” I smile. I can’t help but smile when she is around.

“Nope, sorry. I love my vanilla lattes. Why try something else when I have the perfect one already?”

She looks at me with that silly grin on her face,

“Like men?”

“I don’t have the perfect man Jaci. I don’t know what that would even be like.”

“I know stupid but once you do find your prince you sure as hell won’t go back to kissing frogs.” Yes, Jaci always knew the things to say to get a laugh out of me.


“Speaking of which, Ava, have you heard from that hot man that you’ve been talking to forever?”

“I haven’t been talking to him forever. It’s only been a year and I have never even met the guy.”

“But you like him.”

“I don’t like him. I don’t even know him.”

“Oh please. I see the way your face lights up when you talk about him or I mention him. You like him. Ava has a virtual crush.”

I sigh and I can’t help but smile as John pops in my head. John and I met on one of those social networking sites and just got to talking and haven’t stopped since. Before we knew it a year had gone by and still, I honestly don’t know him, or I should say I know him but I’ve never met him. I’ve thought about it and dreamed about it but I have never actually done it.