The Wolfs Maine - By Jinni James

Chapter One

I knew I was dreaming. There was no other explanation as to why I was in the woods somewhere surrounded by trees, darkness, and a trail that obviously leads to nowhere. I feel like I have been walking for hours, although in reality it’s probably only been five minutes. What could I be searching for? All I know is I have to keep walking, the trail has to lead to somewhere or something.

As I’m walking I look around and the trees look almost mystical. There is a quiet calm about them that almost creeps me out. Just like that, I realize someone is watching me. I look around but I see no one. As far as I can tell it is just me and the trees out here, but I can’t fight the feeling that someone is definitely watching me. I feel the goose bumps on my arm as I look to my right I see it. In the bushes behind the trees there are two yellow eyes staring at me. I begin to walk over and that is when I wake up.

“Avalon! What are you doing? You practically jumped out of the bed and not to mention woke me up and I have a big meeting in the morning!”

I could always count on Nicholas for comfort.

“I’m sorry. I was having a bad dream.”

“Well, go sleep on the couch and maybe then I’ll get some sleep. I have to wake up in 3 hours.”

Apparently I have been having these dreams for months now and have constantly awoken my darling live in boyfriend. He has blamed quite a few mishaps at work on me as of late because he isn’t getting his eight full hours of sleep every night.

Him and his work, you would have thought he married it because being a software developer is all that matters in his world. I’m not even sure why I’m a part of his life other than my aunt and his parents pushed us together thinking we would be a good fit. We were for a while, but his career always comes first, as I am trying to stand on my own two feet and become an author but his career means more than mine at the moment.

Willingly, I go to the couch but of course I can’t go back to sleep. Every day is the same thing and every night as well. I wake up half an hour before Nicholas so I can fix his coffee and shake him awake, lay out his clothes then shake him again, turn on his shower and get it where he likes it, before finally shoving him out of bed with his coffee and his cigarette. Once he is out of bed he drinks his coffee, smokes his cigarette, showers, puts on his clothes and jumps in his car and goes to work while I attempt to get a couple more hours of sleep. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I then get up and clean the house, figure out dinner, and try to write.

So far my book is up to ten-thousand words but it seems as though I have hit a wall. I have had a bad case of writers block for a couple months, in fact it was around the time those dreams started. Maybe those dreams are just my mind trying break through that wall? Who knows, right now I just know I need some sleep.

As I try to lie back down I just see those eyes again staring at me and decide to get up. Once again I open up my computer and try to write but nothing is coming to me…absolutely, nothing. How do other authors write? Other authors can write multiple books about one thing. I can’t even imagine writing multiple books with the same characters. Maybe their lives are more eventful than mine. I mean, how can I write about anything when my life is so incredibly boring? I live the same day over and over again just like that old movie Groundhog Day. There is nothing special, nothing exciting, just the same old thing day in and day out.

Sometimes I feel like an old maid in more ways than one. I can’t even remember the last time Nicholas even touched me. When he is home he is eating, working, or sleeping. Every time I try to touch him I get the same old response, ‘I’m exhausted. I don’t have time for this.’ What husband says that to