Winter's Touch (The Last Riders #8) - Jamie Begley


The room was silent as the four men and one woman stared at their cards. They sat at the kitchen table, each concentrating on their hands. Crash, Moon, Rider, and Viper studied their cards with grim intensity, determined to win this hand. A mound of chips lay in the middle of the table.

With two aces, two kings, and a queen, Winter was about to push her remaining chips into the pile, when a loud moan had her looking toward the large room off the kitchen.

“Harder…” A brunette head fell back against Train’s shoulder as he fucked the woman from The Last Riders’ Ohio chapter.

He was sitting on the couch, and Sasha was facing forward on his lap, her legs spread, providing a view for anyone to see. The diamond piercing in her pussy glinted as she lifted her hand to Train’s thigh, bracing herself as she went up and down on his cock.

Since they were sitting on the long side of the couch, Winter couldn’t miss the two fucking. Neither could Viper, who was sitting on the side of the table that faced the television room.

“Mm… do that again,” Sasha moaned.

Train brought his hand to her breast, playing with her nipple that was also pierced. Winter guessed Train hit the spot when her moans sounded louder.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Viper take his eyes off his cards.

“You in?”

At his question, Winter laid her cards down. “I’m out.”

Taking a sip of her water, she watched as the men finished their game. She wanted to get up, but she didn’t want to leave Viper to watch Sasha getting fucked.

Winter played with one of her chips, rolling it back and forth between her fingers.

They had been married long enough for her to know what could get a rise out of his dick, and Sasha was pushing all of his buttons. Not to mention, her husband thought pussy piercings were sexy.

Crash dropped his cards on the table. “I’m out, too. If she tells him to fuck harder one more time, I’m going to give her something to really moan about.”

As if on cue, Sasha’s next moan had Crash standing up and pushing his chair back.

“I guess that’s an invitation.” He strode across the room, unbuttoning his jeans, and had his cock out before he reached the couch.

Sasha leaned forward, greedily opening her lips, sucking Crash’s cock into her mouth.

“You in?” Viper asked Moon, who had turned to watch the threesome.

“I’m in. I can fuck her after I win the last of your money,” Moon boasted.

“You sure she’ll have enough left for you? Train and Crash look like they’re going to wear her out.” Viper’s amused glance went toward the three fucking, who were enjoying everyone watching.

Winter didn’t miss Sasha looking toward Viper as she slid another inch of Crash’s cock into her mouth. The woman was determined to fuck Viper and wasn’t shy about letting everyone in the club know it, including his wife.

“Sasha has enough stamina to do all the men in the club. Hell, she’ll even offer seconds.”

Winter dropped the chip onto the table. “I’m going to bed.”

“I’m ready to call it a night, too.” Viper showed his cards, and Rider and Moon groaned, throwing theirs down.

“Son of a bitch! Just once, I want to beat you or Winter.” Moon watched his chips slip away into Viper’s hands.

Viper grinned, reaching down to tug Winter to her feet. Slinging an arm over her shoulders, he joked with the men while Rider counted out the money he owed.

Winter wanted to leave the room, but she was held in place as the men talked about who was the better player.

“Damn, woman, you’re sucking me dry!” Crash groaned, as Sasha’s mouth tightened around his cock.

When he took a staggering step back after he finished, Winter saw the triumphant glimmer in Sasha’s sultry eyes as she licked a drop of Crash’s come off her bottom lip.

“Never mind,” Rider said, no longer caring about the money Viper had shoved in his pocket. His eagerness was apparent when he rose, the bulge behind his jeans unmistakable as he moved toward Sasha.

“You ready?” Viper raised a brow at her, holding the swinging door open.

Winter rushed forward, sliding out from underneath Viper’s hold.

“What’s the hurry?” His amusement had her wanting to knock him down the steps as they went upstairs.

“Nothing.” She wasn’t about to admit that she didn’t like watching Sasha. She had no problem with Viper watching any of the other women in the club. It had