Why Resist a Rebel - By Leah Ashton

Giving in to temptation never felt so good!

Ruby Bell has put scandal and relationships behind her to forge a successful career in film. Then the talk of Hollywood himself, actor Devlin Cooper, strolls onto her Outback set—fired from his two previous movies, and looking decidedly tempting! The last thing Ruby needs is Dev making outrageous demands and causing her to question her “no romance at work” rule….

But what’s a girl to do when Dev’s taking her on a lavish date one moment, then calling “cut” on their growing closeness the next? What exactly does he want with her—and what’s causing the shadows behind those famous blue eyes? Now she’s too intrigued to walk away....

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“So you’ve met our new leading man.”

She spoke without thinking. “Who?”

There was a barely muffled laugh behind her.

The man. His knowing smile. The charisma that oozed from every pore.

Finally, finally, she connected the dots.

This was Paul’s latest drama. This was why she’d been rushing back to the office.

They had a new leading man.

She’d just met him.

She’d just covered him in dirt and coffee.

Worst of all—she’d just nearly kissed him.

And he didn’t just have a passing resemblance to Devlin Cooper. A passing resemblance to a man who commanded double-digit, multi-million-dollar salaries and provided continuous tabloid fodder to the world’s magazines and salacious television entertainment reports.

“You can call me Dev,” he said, his voice deep and oh so intimate.




Dear Reader,

By the time I finish writing a book, I am so involved in my hero and heroine’s story that I’m convinced that these two characters are my absolute favorites. Ever!

Until, of course, I start my next story! But, for some reason, Devlin Cooper is different. Yes, I’ve moved onto my next book, and right on schedule I’m falling a little in love with my new hero…but…I still haven’t quite forgotten Dev.

Dev was a very different type of hero for me—different to the heroes I’ve written before, but also different to any hero I’ve read. Of course, Dev is an absolutely delicious Hollywood star—a great start! But there is a lot more to him: depth, shadows and even moments of darkness. He wasn’t always an easy hero to write—or to like!—but I hope you find him as hard to forget as I have.

I am so excited to be writing for the Harlequin KISS line, it really is the perfect home for Dev and Ruby! I’m looking forward to falling in love with—and having difficulty forgetting—many more Harlequin KISS heroes in the future.


PS I love hearing from readers! You can contact me via my website, www.leah-ashton.com, or email me at [email protected].

Why Resist

a Rebel?

Leah Ashton


An unashamed fan of all things happily-ever-after, Leah Ashton has been a lifelong reader of romance. Writing came a little bit later—although, in hindsight she’s been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. Sadly, the most popular boy in school never did suddenly fall head over heels in love with her.…

Now she lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her own real-life hero, two gorgeous dogs and the world’s smartest cat. By day she works in IT-land; by night she considers herself incredibly lucky to be writing the type of books she loves to read, and to have the opportunity to share her own characters’ happily-ever-afters with readers.

You can visit Leah at www.leah-ashton.com.

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For Annie—

who has always been way cooler than her big sister

and then went and worked in film, just to rub it in.

Thank you for your endless help and patience

as I researched this book. Any mistakes are mine.

You’re awesome, Annie.


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Ruby Bell estimated her phone rang approximately half a second before her brisk walk was rudely interrupted by an unfortunately located tuft of grass.

More fortunately, she’d had the presence of mind to hold onto said phone during her less than graceful swan-dive onto the dusty paddock floor. A paddock that had once housed a significant number of sheep, but more recently had become the temporary home of a ninety-strong film crew. Thankfully this particular patch of paddock showed no evidence of sheep occupation.

But, at such close range, Ruby had also learnt that the paddock floor was: a) lumpy and b) hard.

‘Paul,’ Ruby said, wincing slightly as she lifted the phone to her ear. Still lying flat on her belly in the dirt, she shifted her weight in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid the