Whip's Breath - E.C. Land



Two Months Ago

Working backstage is no hardship. When Stoney asked if a few of us would come down to the Franklin charter and help out with the charity event Twister’s ol’ lady started several years back, none of us had a problem speaking up.

Bonus it gives me a chance to spend time with K-9 and Red, two of my brothers who I served in the Army alongside. We all went through hell out there in the sandpit. Then again when several of our brothers were killed by some psycho bitch who was pissed when Venom broke up with her years ago.

The shitty part of it all is the woman had his kid and didn’t tell him. If not for Amaya, his ol’ lady and the woman who he should have been with this entire time, my brother wouldn’t have known about Linc. The kid’s a damn good one and deserves to be happy. Maya took him from his mother and has given him one hell of a life.

Since those two moved into the house, it’s been great. We all still live together, and it works. Venom and I even started plans on expanding the house some more now that the house next door went up for sale, and we were able to buy it. We had a discussion about me moving into it, but instead, we’re making the house we’re in now bigger and giving Lincoln, and any other kids they may have later on, a big yard to play in.

I don’t want kids myself. I’m happy with helping in watching out for Lincoln. He’s become my little partner in crime. Lincoln and my nephews and niece down in Louisiana are the only kids I want to have in my life, besides the club kids.

My sister and I grew up with a bitch of a mother, and I failed my sister when I left the moment I could, leaving her alone. I don’t know what all happened. My sister, Brielle, refuses to tell me all of what she endured at the hands of our mother before she ended up in the clutches of Titus and his uncles. I have a hard time with the fact Brielle kept so much of her life away from me, but now the two of us are growing closer once again.

Taking a breath, I walk backstage, to find K-9 standing outside one of the dressing rooms. Izzy went all out this year. She’s managed to get an up-and-coming band called Pushing Daisies to play as well as another band called The Stones. When it comes to The Stones they have another singer who agreed to play with them, as well, but it’s no shock. Bellamy Mason has a long history with them, so it makes sense she’d be playing here too.

I’ve never heard either band, but I will tonight, along with Demons Among Us. They’ll be the headlining band, and not because the members of the band are brothers. Chaz, the lead singer, is going to also be having his own ol’ lady up on stage for a few of the songs the band is performing. All four of my brothers that make up the band worked their asses off making a name for themselves without any help. None of them wanted to go with some bigwig. They preferred to stick to the indie lifestyle. It’s interesting how it all works out.

In fact, Cane’s woman is about to put her first book out on her own as well without using a publisher, indie style. It’s been edited and all that shit. Harley, Neo’s ol’ lady, even made the cover for Piper’s book. It’s pretty badass at that. When my brother, Cane told all of us about his ol’ lady writing a book, we all encouraged her to keep it up. Piper doesn’t have the most confidence in herself, thanks to her ass of a brother. He screwed her up royally with his fucked-up games.

“What’s going on, brother?” K-9 asks.

“Nothing much, just ready for the night to end, so the real party can begin,” I banter, wagging my brow. The club has everything set up for an afterparty for those invited. I look forward to finding a woman to sink myself into.

“I agree with you there, Whip. I’ve got my eye on a sweet piece.” He chuckles, rubbing his hands together. But I can see the anguish in his eyes.

K-9 lost his little brother not long ago and found out months after that his brother’s girlfriend was