While It Lasts - Sea Breeze #3 - Abbi Glines Page 0,2


Other than that this wasn’t all that bad. I’d get Sundays off. I’d just have to get my fill of sexy little sorority girls in tiny bikinis on Sundays. I reached the front door of the house. The wrap around porch was pretty damn nice. I wasn’t into the farm thing but this place wasn’t half-bad. I bet the bedrooms were a nice size.

“You must be the fella Wilson hired for the summer.” A guy in a pair of faded jeans and some worn-looking badass boots started up the steps of the porch. He was smiling like he was really glad to see me. Must be the guy’s son. I’d be shoveling hay and cow shit all summer instead of him. Bet he liked me a lot.

“Yeah,” I replied, “Cage York. Coach Mack sent me.”

The guy grinned and nodded, sticking both his hands in his front pockets. All he needed was a damn piece of straw hanging out of his mouth to look like every stereotypical country boy.

“Ah, that’s right. I heard about you. DUI. Man, that sucks. ‘Specially since Wilson is a damn slave driver. My brother and I worked many a summer for him through high school. I swear you’ll never drink and drive again.”

Guess he wasn’t the old man’s kid after all. Nodding, I turned to knock on the door.

“Wilson ain’t back from the stockyard yet. He’ll be here in ‘bout an hour.”

The guy held out his hand, “I’m Jeremy Beasley by the way. I reckon we’ll see enough of each other over the summer seeing as I’m the next-door neighbor. And well, then there is Eva,” he stopped and his eyes shifted from me to the door. I started to ask him who Eva was when I followed his gaze to find the light at the end of the tunnel standing in the doorway.

Long brown hair that curled loosely was draped over one bare shoulder. The clearest blue eyes I’d ever seen, framed by thick long black eyelashes and red full lips, completed the perfect masterpiece of her face. My gaze slowly traveled south to take in smooth tanned skin that was barely covered by a bikini top and a pair of tiny shorts that hung on her narrow hips. Then legs. Legs for miles and miles until two small bare feet with red toenails finished the fucking ridiculously perfect package in front of me. Damn. Maybe I should have come out to the country more often. I didn’t realize they grew girls like this out here.

“Eva, you aren’t ready yet? I thought we were going to make the six-thirty show,” Jeremy said from behind me. Ah, hell no. Surely not. This goddess was with that guy? I brought my eyes back up to her face to find her blue eyes staring directly at me. They really were the bluest damn eyes I’d ever seen.

“Who are you?” The icy tone to her voice confused me.

“Down, girl. Play nice, Eva. This is the guy your daddy has helping him this summer.” Her eye flashed something that looked like disgust. Really? I’d seen that look in a girl’s eyes before but never before I’d used her then tossed her. Interesting.

“You’re the drunk,” she stated.

It wasn’t a question. So, I didn’t reply. Instead, I flashed her a smile that I knew affected any female’s panties and took a step toward her. “I got a lot of names, baby,” I finally responded.

Her eyebrows arched, straightened her stance and shot me the coldest glare I’d ever witnessed. What was this chick’s deal? “I’m sure you do. Let me guess STD, Loser, Jackass, and Drunk just to name a few,” she clipped, stepping out of the door and slamming it behind her. She swung her gaze to Jeremy who I could have sworn just chuckled.

“I can’t make the movie, Jer. I need you to ride over to Mrs. Mabel’s with me and help me get her well working again. It needs to be primed.”


“Yes, again. She really needs a new one.”

Eva walked past me, grabbed Jeremy’s arm and pulled him toward the stairs. Apparently, I had been dismissed.

“Has your dad called her boys yet? They need to get their asses down here and help their momma,” Jeremy said as they started walking away without a backward glance.

What the hell? Who just walks off and leaves a guy standing on their porch without a word? She was one insanely gorgeous but crazy assed bitch.

“Hey, do I just go inside?” I called out.

Eva stopped