What a Tangled Web (Tangle Valley #3) - Melissa Brayden

What a Tangled Web


As winemaker at Tangle Valley Vineyard, Madison LeGrange relies on science and logic to make the best vintage possible. It’s also how she manages her life. But with her career in its prime, her accountant thinks it’s time she diversifies her income. Not a problem because her favorite café, the Bacon and Biscuit, is up for sale. What she didn’t plan on was the time she’d spend with Clementine, who has her feeling anything but logical.

Clementine Monroe loves her job managing the Bacon and Biscuit Café. In fact, after escaping a difficult past, it’s all she has. When Clementine is offered the opportunity to step out from behind the counter and buy the place, her longtime dream is about to come true. That is until it’s snatched out from under her by the very same girl she crushed on in high school. Old habits are hard to break, but Clementine has no plans to forgive Madison anytime soon.

Reviewers Love Melissa Brayden

“Melissa Brayden has become one of the most popular novelists of the genre, writing hit after hit of funny, relatable, and very sexy stories for women who love women.”—Afterellen.com

Two to Tangle

“As usual, Brayden delivers with great dialogue, likeable characters, and emotional turmoil.”—Bookvark.com

“Melissa Brayden does it again with a sweet and sexy romance that leaves you feeling content and full of happiness. As always, the book is full of smiles, fabulous dialogue, and characters you wish were your best friends.”—The Romantic Reader

“I loved it. I wasn’t sure Brayden could beat Joey and Becca and their story, but when I started to see reviews mentioning that this was even better, I had high hopes and Brayden definitely lived up to them.”—LGBTQreader.com


“Entangled is a simmering slow burn romance, but I also fully believe it would be appealing for lovers of women’s fiction. The friendships between Joey, Maddie, and Gabriella are well developed and engaging as well as incredibly entertaining…All that topped off with a deeply fulfilling happily ever after that gives all the happy sighs long after you flip the final page.”—Lily Michaels: Sassy Characters, Sizzling Romance, Sweet Endings

“Ms. Brayden has a definite winner with this first book of the new series, and I can’t wait to read the next one. If you love a great enemies-to-lovers, feel-good romance, then this is the book for you.”—Rainbow Reflections

To the Moon and Back

“To the Moon and Back is all about Brayden’s love of theatre, onstage and backstage, and she does a delightful job of sharing that love…Brayden set the scene so well I knew what was coming, not because it’s unimaginative but because she made it obvious it was the only way things could go. She leads the reader exactly where she wants to take them, with brilliant writing as usual. Also, not everyone can make office supplies sound sexy.”—Jude in the Stars

“Melissa Brayden does what she does best, she delivers amazing characters, witty banter, all while being fun and relatable.”—Romantic Reader Blog

Back to September

“You can’t go wrong with a Melissa Brayden romance. Seriously, you can’t. Buy all of her books. Brayden sure has a way of creating an emotional type of compatibility between her leads, making you root for them against all odds. Great settings, cute interactions, and realistic dialogue.”—Bookvark

Beautiful Dreamer

“I love this book. I want to kiss it on its face…I’m going to stick Beautiful Dreamer on my to-reread-when-everything-sucks pile, because it’s sure to make me happy again and again.”—Smart Bitches Trashy Books

“Beautiful Dreamer is a sweet and sexy romance, with the bonus of interesting secondary characters and a cute small-town setting.”—Amanda Chapman, Librarian (Davisville Free Library, RI)

Love Like This

“I really have to commend Melissa Brayden in her exceptional writing and especially in the way she writes not only the romance but the friendships between the group of women.”—Les Rêveur

“Brayden upped her game. The characters are remarkably distinct from one another. The secondary characters are rich and wonderfully integrated into the story. The dialogue is crisp and witty.”—Frivolous Reviews

Sparks Like Ours

“Brayden sets up a flirtatious tit-for-tat that’s honest, relatable, and passionate. The women’s fears are real, but the loving support from the supporting cast helps them find their way to a happy future. This enjoyable romance is sure to interest readers in the other stories from Seven Shores.”—Publishers Weekly

“Sparks Like Ours is made up of myriad bits of truth that make for a cozy, lovely summer read.”—Queerly Reads

Hearts Like Hers

“Hearts Like Hers has all the ingredients that readers can expect from Ms. Brayden: witty dialogue, heartfelt relationships, hot chemistry and passionate