Vampire, Interrupted - Argeneau Series - Book 9 Page 0,2

and arranged to meet in London. Rather than wait and catch a train the next morning and have to travel during daylight, Marguerite rented a car and they drove through the night, arriving at the hotel shortly before dawn. Christian had already arrived and checked in.

They'd met briefly with Christian Notte, and his cousins Dante and Tommaso on arriving, but only long enough to arrange a meeting at sunset to discuss the case. They'd then parted to go to their rooms.

"No, we haven't found out anything," she agreed now, pursing her lips as she peered at Tiny and then added, "But I can't think of any other reason someone would try to kill me. Perhaps the very fact that we're here and looking is enough to worry someone."

Tiny didn't look convinced. He did look worried though so she wasn't surprised when he suggested, "I think we should switch rooms… possibly even hotels."

Marguerite was frowning at the thought of having to dress and pack and move when Tiny suddenly added, "It was an immortal, wasn't it?"

Her startled eyes shot to his face, though she knew she shouldn't be surprised. She might be a newbie at this detective business, but Tiny was the real thing. She should have realized he'd put it together.

Sighing, Marguerite ran a hand through her hair and nodded. "Yes. I am sure he was. And, yes, we should switch hotels and even use a different name. But not this morning," she added firmly. "I am sure he will not try again this day and I'm exhausted."

Tiny nodded and then asked, "Did you leave your balcony door open?"


"Was it locked?"

Marguerite hesitated and then shrugged. "I did not open it when I came in, so I have no idea."

Tiny frowned at her answer, and then announced, "You aren't sleeping in here. You can take my bed."

"Well, you are not sleeping in here either," she said firmly.

"No," he agreed. "I want to stick close to you until we move hotels. Jackie and Vincent would never forgive me if I let you get killed under my nose."

Marguerite smiled faintly at the mention of her nephew, Vincent Argeneau and his lifemate, Jackie Morrisey, who also happened to be the owner and president of the Morrisey Detective Agency, Tiny's boss… and hers now too, she supposed.

"I'll nap on the window seat in my room while you take the bed," he decided.

"You'll not get any sleep there." Marguerite moved to the door leading to the rest of the suite. "You can sleep in the bed with me."

Tiny snorted at the suggestion as he followed her through the sitting area to his door. "Like I'd get any sleep there."

Marguerite glanced back and grinned when she caught him watching her behind as he followed her into the second bedroom. It didn't take her ability to read his mind to know he found her attractive. She'd been aware of that from the beginning of their friendship. And she found him attractive as well; tall, handsome, built like a line-backer with one of those lovely, wide chests a gal could spend hours exploring… and he could cook too, a skill Marguerite had never acquired. The man was practically perfect. There was only one flaw to him as far as she could tell, but it was a big one. Marguerite could read and control him. Having spent the last seven hundred years trapped in a marriage with a man who could read and control her—and couldn't resist doing so at every opportunity—she wasn't willing to visit that on someone else.

"You are perfectly safe with me," she assured him solemnly as she crossed the room to his bed.

"Marguerite, honey, no man is safe with a woman who looks like you," Tiny muttered as he closed the door. He watched her climb into bed and added with a shake of the head, "Especially in that nightie. What the hell did they make it out of? A hankie and some lace?"

Marguerite peered down at herself. The nightie wasn't really that revealing. Or at least, it wasn't as revealing as some of her other ones. And she liked pretty lingerie, it made her feel sexy. Single gals like herself had to get that feeling somewhere. Besides, she hadn't expected anyone would see it.

She raised her gaze to Tiny again to find him settling on the window seat. It wasn't long enough for him to stretch out on, so he sat himself on it, back against the wall at one end, arms crossed over his