Under His Spell - MINK Page 0,1

two birds with one stone thing. She has no way out of here now, and that car was a rusty death trap to begin with.

If all hadn't gone to plan, then the most famous special effects man in Hollywood who was known for his stunt work would be buried in my rose garden by nightfall. But it worked flawlessly, so he gets to live.

That car isn't going anywhere now, and that cat got a taste of what I’m capable of. He’s only gotten a small glimpse of what my jealousy could drive me to do. Obviously, he needs more based on the fact that he’s currently nuzzling himself between her breasts. Looks as though he lives up to his name. But now he’s in my world. I’m god here, and I will send him right back to where he belongs if I have to. I watch her as she kisses the top of his head and whispers softly to him.

I’m full of shit. I know that hurting one hair on that cat's head would make the lovely Sienna’s expressive blue eyes dull with sadness. So I’ll learn to deal with the little affection stealer. They are a package deal, after all. I just hope he sticks to the room I had made for him. A cat’s paradise is how the designer described it to me.

I run my hand across the back of my neck, trying to cool some of my anger. I’m so fucking pleased she’s here. I’ve done it. Thing was, it hadn't taken much to get her here. Her curiosity rivaled her cat’s.

It’s not like I’ve been planning this for years or anything. I just happened across Sienna, and when I did, I knew I had to get her here at any cost.

When I’m bored, I’ll check into what people are saying about Hilltop Manor. There’s always speculation and foolishness, enough to entertain me for hours. One night, Sienna had been in one of the ghost hunter chat rooms. I hadn't even seen her face yet, but I hung on every one of her words. I made sure to print off all the conversations we had. I needed a piece of her to get me by until I could have the real thing. My plan to make her mine started that first night. I planted a seed. One that I knew would grow and lead her right to me.

There was this pull to her that I felt immediately. It twisted inside of me somehow and right into my heart. I’d forgotten I even had one, but there she was waking it up.

I need it to stop. With each day, the tightness in my chest grows worse. I think she’s the only one that can make it stop. Seeing her now with all of that hair blowing around her and those eyes filled with so much curiosity reassures me that I’m fucked. That was before she’d gotten out of the car, and I saw the rest of her. I’d bet my life she feels like the finest of silk.

Now what? I haven't thought that far ahead. I can’t take my eyes off her. I watch as she tilts her head back to look up at the window I’m standing in. I stay for a moment before quickly stepping back. Let her think it was a ghost. It is, after all, what she’s looking for.

I hurry to my bedroom, quickly changing my shirt to add to the whole ghost thing so she won’t think it’s anything besides that. A moment later, the doorbell rings out loudly in the house. Henry knows not to answer. I’ve been waiting for her, and I want to be the one to greet her first. I’m starting to realize I have a problem with sharing. But only when it comes to her. I want her all to myself.

There had been a few punks in the chats that would try to get her attention. Obviously, I had my friend Brendan take care of them all for me. The innocent ones I let go. But some couldn’t be saved, and I had him ban their accounts. I swear Brendan can do anything when it comes to technology. Not that it doesn't come at a price, but everything does. At least his price is only money.

Who knows what I’d sell to get my Sienna? I make a note to reach out to him again about shutting the whole website down. It’s too dangerous, and that’s not just me