Unashamedly Us (Offbeat Shifters #4) - Colette Davison



My heart ached as I watched Charlie close up his suitcase. I’d convinced myself that three months wasn’t that

long, but now, with the minutes ticking away until I said goodbye to him, it felt like an eternity.

“I’m feeling needy.” I walked up to him, pulling him close and kissing him while savouring his touch and taste.

“Me too.” Charlie smiled and then leant against my body. He stroked my back and breathed in deeply, his chest

expanding against mine.

“What are you doing?”

“Memorising your scent.”

I kissed his hair and then inhaled so I could do the same. Charlie’s scent was very distinctive—toffee apples and

crisp autumn mornings. My heart squeezed tight at the realisation that I wouldn’t get to hold, kiss, or be in the

same room as Charlie for three months.

Staying behind and keeping our relationship secret, for now, was the right decision. Charlie didn’t need any

stress on top of the rigours of touring. It didn’t matter that his schedule was more relaxed than most singers

enjoyed; the demands of performing two-hour sets were exhausting. Worrying about the media gossiping about

us was the last thing he needed. Or maybe it was the last thing I needed, and Charlie was an easy scapegoat for

my fear.

But the media and Charlie’s fans would gossip the moment they found out we were a couple. I was nineteen

years older than him, and we were both omegas.

Charlie slipped his hands underneath my shirt and started to walk me backwards, kissing me.

“This is nice,” I said during a brief break between kisses.

“I’m saying goodbye,” Charlie whispered as he tipped us both onto the sofa.

“Didn’t we do that this morning?”

“Uh-huh.” He pushed my shirt up and pressed kisses to my chest.

“And last night?”

“Yes, but I want to say it again.” He looked up at me. “I’m really gonna miss you.” He undid my belt. “I need to

feel your skin against mine one last time before I go.”

I glanced at my watch. “How long have we got?”

“Long enough.”

“Are you sure? Isn’t Robin turning up in about ten minutes?”

Robin was Charlie’s publicist.

Charlie’s bicoloured eyes sparkled as he grinned at me. “He can wait.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“I’m Charlie Faire, remember? The biggest divo in pop. Robin can wait.”

He unzipped my flies, pulled my cock free, and began to stroke it as he went back to kissing me again. Within

seconds, I was hard and leaking pre-cum, which Charlie used to make my cock wet, allowing his hand to glide

up and down my shaft effortlessly. My arse began to produce slick, and my muscles tensed, begging to feel him.

I yanked his T-shirt off and quickly undid my shirt buttons so I could feel his smooth chest against mine. I ran my

hands over his back, loving the feel of his muscles beneath his silky skin.

“I want you naked,” I gasped.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

We parted long enough to pull the rest of our clothes off before falling onto the sofa again, Charlie lying over me

once more. He rubbed his hard cock against mine and stroked them both expertly with his hand. My eyes rolled

back in my head as I enjoyed the sensation of his hand and cock gliding against my dick, and his lips pressed

hard against mine.

When the buzzer went, we paused cheek to cheek and stared at the door.

“Has Robin got a key?” I whispered.


“But your bodyguards do.”

Charlie snorted. “They know better than to let him in.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded.

The buzzer went again, and then there was an agitated knock.

“Charlie? I know you’re in there,” Robin shouted through the door. “We need to go.”

“Ten minutes,” Charlie called back.


“All right, five minutes, unless you want me to go to the airport naked?” He looked at me, a smirk on his face,

and shrugged.

“Fine,” Robin shouted. “Five minutes.”

“Is that long enough?” I asked.

“It’ll have to be. Where were we?” He kissed me again. “Ah, yes, you were about to fuck me.”

“I was? I thought you were going to fuck me.”

Charlie nuzzled my nose with his. “Was I?”


“Huh.” He began to rub our cocks together a little harder and faster. “Or we could just come like this?”

“We could.”

I ran my finger down his spine, grinning when he shivered and rolled his shoulders. He groaned when I tickled his

arse crack, and gasped when I pushed a finger inside him. He was so wet for me, and my finger slipped in

without any resistance. I slid it back and forth, teasing him.

“That’s so nice.” He smashed