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promise you, I kept trying to find you!”

Tamar stepped forward, gently touching his wife’s shoulder. “We have that appointment,” he reminded her.

Wyndi bit her lip, not sure what to do. She had to meet with this doctor, but she wanted to stay with her brother.

“What appointment?” he demanded, instantly concerned. “What’s going on?”

Wyndi smiled gently. “It’s nothing,” she assured him, putting a hand on his arm. “I just have a…”

“Who is this guy?” he demanded, turning to face the man who dared to touch his baby sister. “What the hell are you doing to Wyndi?”

Tamar relaxed, amusement shining in his eyes. “I am her husband. And she has an appointment that she cannot miss. We stopped by here first to…”

Wyndi stepped in at that point, not wanting to hurt her brother with the news that they hadn’t been sure of his reaction. “Tamar is taking me to see an obstetrician,” she explained, her eyes darting between the two men she loved. “Tamar specifically set up this meeting with you before my other appointment, just in case.”

“Just in case of what?” Royston demanded, putting an arm around her shoulders protectively.

Tamar stepped in when his gentle, kind wife hesitated. “We weren’t sure why a man of your means hadn’t searched out for his sister,” he explained. “So I ensured that, if you were to reject her for any reason, she would have something happy to go to next. Hence, our first visit with her new obstetrician. She will hear our son’s heartbeat in less than thirty minutes.”

Wyndi’s heart melted at the sweet, caring gesture of her husband. He was always trying to protect her from anything, both physical and emotional. She reached out and touched his hand, silently telling him how much she loved him.

Royston took in a deep breath and squeezed her shoulders gently. “You’re going to be a mom?” he asked reverently.

Wyndi nodded, her hand automatically coming up to cover her still-flat stomach. She wasn’t showing, was actually only a few weeks pregnant. But Tamar was insisting on getting her checked out, just to make sure she was okay and the baby was healthy.

She looked up at her brother, concern etched on her face. “Royston, are you okay? Are you happy?” She reached out and touched his shoulder again. “Do you have someone in your life that makes you feel good?”

Royston chuckled at the further evidence that this was indeed his baby sister. She had always been concerned about his moods, telling him silly, kid jokes when he looked irritated or sneaking him cookies when he’d gotten in trouble for one reason or another. “I’m happy now,” he told her, taking her hands. “Will you come back after your appointment? I want to hear what you’ve been up to, what you’ve done with your life.”

“Of course.” She smiled brightly, so excited she could barely contain her happiness. She reached up and touched his cheek. “Are you happy though? Are you genuinely happy? I’ve been so worried about you. I saw a few pictures online and you don’t look very happy,” she said softly.

Royston threw back his head and laughed. “My sister has just come back from the dead and I’ve been told I’m going to be an uncle in a few months. What could be wrong?”

She bit her lip, still not convinced. “But all the women,” she said softly. “You don’t look happy with them at all.”

Royston chuckled and squeezed her fingers. “I’m very happy,” he told her firmly. “In fact, I’ve found the love of my life and we’re getting married soon.” It was a complete lie, but he didn’t care when the worry from his sister’s face instantly cleared away.

“Wow! I get my brother back and a sister in law!” She was almost jumping with excitement. “When do I get to meet her?”

“Tonight,” he said without thinking. “Have dinner with me tonight and you can meet her but you’ll have to tell me everything that’s happened to you over the years. Deal?”

Wyndi laughed, delighted. “It sounds perfect!”

“We have to go,” Tamar urged gently.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Royston said, seeing the indecision on her lovely face.

Since she needed to reassure Tamar that she was going to be okay throughout this pregnancy, she relented even though she didn’t want to leave her brother just yet. “Okay. Tonight over dinner, we’ll catch up. Sounds perfect!”

Royston watched the couple leave, his mind going through all of the issues he’d have to deal with now that he’d found out his sister hadn’t died