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didn’t think you did. Speaking of brother, come with me and be mine. You won’t regret it.”

I think about his offer. Some small part of me must want to live. I think about my sister. She would want me to live. I think about all those children that we’ve helped at, Never Alone. They looked up to me and fought their little asses off to live. They would expect nothing less of me.

“Names, Mason,” I finally say.

“Nice to meet you, Mason. My twin is waiting for me at the bottom of the trail. He got distracted by some hikers. Let’s go meet up with him and head to the clubhouse.”

“There’s two of you?”

“I’m the better looking one.”

With a concealed smile, so he doesn’t realize how grateful I am, I holster my gun, stand, and follow Bear down the path.

Chapter One


Kill me now!

My life used to be perfect. Well, maybe perfect isn’t the right word. I used to be content. Content to just hide in the shadows ignoring everyone around me.

I was happy to live my life that way. It was better not only for me but for everyone else as well.

Then the MC’s president, Bear, had to go and get himself a damn woman. A woman who can’t seem to understand that I don’t want to converse with her. I don’t want to help her decorate for parties or make cookies.

Delicious cookies. Fuck, I love cookies.

“All I’m saying is that if you help me, I can get it done faster. And it would make things so much easier for me. You know, since I have this huge belly and all.”

The woman never stops talking. I prefer staying silent, but Rose always makes sure she talks enough for both of us. Hell, for the whole damn club.

“All you have to do is hang this sign and blow up all of the balloons,” Rose continues.

“Why the fuck do you need so many balloons, woman?” I ask.

“Because it’s a party, Trig,” she says, throwing her hands on her hips. “And a party requires balloons.”


Sure, a party can have balloons, but I swear there are about two-hundred balloons waiting for my life-sustaining oxygen to make them swell. I don’t waste any part of my life on anyone. Especially something as stupid as party decorations.

I refuse to be used this way.

I’m a killer, not a fucking clown.


One hour. That’s how long it took to blow up every single fucking balloon.

“What the hell, Rose?” Hawk says, standing in the door frame of Rose and Bear’s home. “Where’s the floor?”

“Hey, Hawk,” Rose says, hugging him. “Trigger helped me get things ready for Bella’s birthday party.

“Woah,” Slim slides in beside Hawk. “Who was killed in order to blow all of these up?”

“That would be Trig, sweet boy,” Hawk says, kissing Slim’s head.

I ignore them and grab the birthday banner Rose wants hung in the kitchen. These fuckers will try to talk to me if I stick around.

“Better you than me,” Bear mutters, walking into the kitchen. “She made me blow them all up for Saint Patrick’s Day. Fucking Saint Patrick’s Day, Trig. Only my woman would use Patty’s Day as a reason to have a party. With a hundred green balloons.”

I remember that day. I’ve never seen so much green in one home: green cake, green ice cream, green pizza. Green now makes me want to kill.

But never Rose. Never Bella. Never Slim. Never my brothers. Unfortunately, I love all of those fuckers. They’re my family. But I would never tell them that.

Knowing he’s not expecting an answer from me, Bear grabs two beers from the fridge and hands me one.

“Hey brother,” Hawk says, walking into the kitchen, holding Slim’s hand. “We have something we want to talk to you about.”

“Sounds serious,” Rose says, making her way to Bear.

“It is,” Slim says.

Seeing everyone get settled in around the kitchen table, I down my beer and toss the bottle in the trash.

“I’m out,” I say.

“No,” Slim says. “Stay Trig. There’s a good chance I might need your muscles if this conversation goes south.”

Interesting. I lean against the wall and listen.

“So,” Hawk starts. “We had a talk, and we think we want to start a family.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful news,” Rose says, clapping her hands excitedly.

“As you know, I don’t have the correct plumbing to carry a baby,” Slim says, smiling. “Trust me, we’ve tried.”

My lip fights to pull up and join Slim’s smile and Rose’s giggle. I fight that fucker back into submission.

“We were thinking that maybe you two would