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see the color of his eyes, but they looked as dark as his hair.

I noticed that he had piercings in his eyebrow and his lip, as well as a few tattoos poking out of his shirt sleeves on both of his arms. As I stared at the tattoos, I wondered if he had any others hidden under his shirt. Not that I was the type to fall for the body modification bad boy type, despite my own appearance, but this guy could have worn his hair dyed pink and in pigtails and pulled it off looking hot.

As if he somehow sensed my eyes locked on him, he glanced up at me. I quickly looked away, blushing furiously that I had been caught staring at him. I chanced another glance and saw he was still watching me, which made my blush deepen. He must have noticed it from the smile appearing on his face as I quickly turned away from him again.

The rest of class, I refused to even look in his direction. I listened to the professor go over everything, taking notes when I thought I needed to. Before I knew it, class was over and I was putting my books into the bag sitting at my feet. As I threw my bag over my shoulder, I noticed my hot neighbor already walking out the door. I stood and headed out of the building with Logan by my side.

As we made our way down the stairs I saw him standing only a few feet away from us smoking a cigarette. I noticed him smirking at me out of the corner of my eye. I kept my focus on the conversation I was having with Logan as we made our way past him, refusing to give him the satisfaction of catching me staring at him again.

“Hey, do you know that guy?” Logan asked when we were out of earshot.

Lost in my thoughts, I looked at him confused, “Who?”

“That guy standing back there, he keeps staring at you.”

I glanced over my shoulder to see him referring to the hot guy still standing there smoking, still staring at me with that damn smirk on his face.

“Oh, I have no idea who he is,” I said as I turned away from him before he could notice that I was blushing from being caught yet again.

Logan and I finished the walk across campus with an easy silence. It had always been this way with us, I always felt comfortable and safe with him as long as we had been friends. He transferred to my school our freshman year of high school and was assigned the seat next to me in Mrs. Jenkins English class. We had instantly bonded over guessing whether her hair was real or a wig and the rest was history.

We had spent every moment of high school attached at the hip, which had caused problems with some of his old girlfriends. They were convinced that we were secretly together or that he had a crush on me. We had always laughed the rumors off, but I had felt guilty more than once about ruining some of his past relationships.

Our next class, Spanish, went much like the previous one, except the hot guy was nowhere to be seen. I actually felt kind of relieved, seeing as every moment I was within a mile of him my cheeks were permanently red. I had no idea what my problem was when it came to him. I did not get flustered around men, yet with one look he could almost bring me to my knees. I needed to get a grip.

Once the professor dismissed us, we headed across campus to grab some lunch. Logan and I had nearly identical schedules on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but our Tuesday and Thursday schedules were totally backwards from each other. My only saving grace was the fact his first class on those mornings were at the same times as mine, so I knew he would make sure I was up and out the door on time.

I glanced up at him as we grabbed our food and headed toward an empty table to eat. He really was gorgeous, even as his best friend I had noticed this. Truthfully, when I had first met him, I had a slight crush on him, but after getting to know him so well, my feelings had changed from a crush to friendship. Without him around, I really would be lost.

When the time came to