Til Death Do Us Part (Vegas Vows #6) - Harlow Layne



Standing in the hotel lobby waiting for my best friend from college, I had no idea my life was about to drastically change.

I squatted down to tie my shoe as I waited for my best friend to arrive at the hotel so I could check in, when my phone rang. Luke, my oldest brother’s name, flashed on the screen. For a brief second, I thought about not answering but then thought better of it. What if something had happened to Luke, Alex, or Mason? I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t answer because I wanted to party this weekend.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I stood up. Hiking my left foot onto the wall, I leaned back and scanned the area for Jordan and his fiancée, Camilla.

“Just calling to see how my baby brother’s doing.”

“Are you missing me already?”

I’d stopped by to see Luke and his family on my way to Vegas. It was hard leaving them when I didn’t know when I’d get a chance to see them again.

“I always miss you, but I wanted to make sure you arrived in one piece.” He chuckled down the line.

“You mean Alex wanted you to check in on me.” While I knew my brother loved me, Alex was in nesting mode now that she was pregnant. Her big blue eyes welled up with tears when they dropped me off at the airport earlier in the day, and I knew the moment I was out of walking distance she likely shed a few tears for me as they drove home. Alex had a thing about crying in front of others. I didn’t understand it, but at least she could cry in front of my brother now.

“Guilty. She’s worried you’re going to do something stupid while you’re in Vegas and throw your life away,” he whispered into the phone.

“Tell my beautiful sister-in-law she needs to stop watching Lifetime movies. I’m not going to get caught on camera streaking through the hotel or anything like that.”

“I hope not,” she shrieked in the background.

Tipping my head back, I laughed until I saw a beautiful woman walk into my periphery. Her long blonde hair swayed just above her perfect round ass, beckoning me to follow her. Below that ass that I wanted to take a bite out of, were legs that went on for days. Scanning back up, I was greeted with a big pair of tits that I knew would fit perfectly into my large hands.

“Leo?” I heard my brother call from my phone.

My phone, that until that moment, I hadn’t realized I’d dropped onto the floor of the hotel lobby. Picking it up, I tried to speak, but couldn’t. Not when I finally spotted Jordan and Camilla and my dream woman was walking straight toward them.

“Leo?” Luke shouted, breaking me out of my lust induced fog.

Shaking my head, I answered. “Yeah, sorry, bro, I dropped my phone.”

He laughed down the line. “Don’t tell me you’re already drunk.”

“Not yet.” But I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a drink in hand, and it would likely be that way for the entire weekend.

Luke was speaking, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. All of my attention was on the party of three who were smiling and embracing each other. As if they felt my stare, they all turned and looked my way. Jordan’s face lit up, and he started to barrel toward me.

“Luke, I need to go. Jordan just spotted me and he’s coming at me like a freight train. I’ll call you when I get to the airport in a few days.”

“Have fun,” he called back before I hung up.

I slipped my phone into my back pocket just in time for Jordan to slam into me. He patted my back like he was giving me the Heimlich, making me cough out a laugh.

Sitting me back down, Jordan took a step back and looked me over. “Leo, my man. I swear you’re even taller than the last time I saw you. How is that possible?”

I wasn’t sure how, but it was possible. I’d hit a strange growth spurt my last year in college and grew two more inches, making me the tallest Sandström in the family.

I shrugged, looking him up and down. “Camilla looks good on you.” In school Jordan always had on a baseball hat to hide his overly long hair because he couldn’t be bothered to take the time to have it cut, and he never wore anything but athletic shorts and