The Temptation - Kendall Ryan


* * *


The worst part about training mode was the no-pussy rule.

My intense training schedule, brutal workouts, and strict diet were nothing compared to the hell of not being able to satisfy my needy cock. But I had a fight in less than a week, which meant I wasn’t going to see any action anytime soon, and the beautiful girl bouncing before me pushed every button I had. Pornographic thoughts ripped through my brain, making it difficult to concentrate on anything but the throbbing lust in my groin.

A one-way mirror in the office faced the gym’s solitary treadmill. I’d come in to grab a drink from the mini fridge and was in the office when MacKenzie arrived, so when she jumped on the treadmill for her morning run, I figured I might as well sit for a minute and take in the view. But it was such a fucking cocktease, I wasn’t sure why I was still standing here torturing myself.

MacKenzie was a treat for all the senses. From the breathy gasps of exertion pushing past her parted lips, to the rhythmic way her tits bounced inside her sports bra, and the delectable feminine scent of deodorant and sweat I could smell whenever I was stupid enough to wander near her.

Though it wasn’t just about her fantastic tits and perfect ass. She had those in spades, but there was more to her. I could see it in her now. When most people went for a run, their faces relaxed and their eyes became unfocused as they zoned out. Their body might be running, but their mind was somewhere else as they bobbed along to their music.

When Kenzie ran, it wasn’t just her body in motion. Behind her gentle expression was a sense of determination. Initially I thought she was running away from something, but there was no fear in her eyes, only clarity and purpose. No, she wasn’t running from anything, she was running toward something.

As far as I was concerned, strength and determination in a woman were sexy as hell. I added those attributes to the list of things I liked about this girl, as if there weren’t enough already. I loved watching her push forward. Her confidence and her poise, combined with her…

Well, combined with her amazing tits. Perky and palm-sized, they were perfect. I couldn’t stop watching them bounce as she ran, the same way they would bounce if she rode me. Who invented one-way mirrors? I could fucking kiss them.

But I’d had my chance with her, and I screwed it up. Now she wouldn’t give me the time of day.

So this was all I could do—sit and watch from afar. Or nearby, since now that she worked at the gym I trained in every single day. I should have switched gyms when she started working here, but all my fights were set up through the owner, Chris. Besides, Chris had worked hard to get me where I was today. Leaving him now that I was finally on the verge of breaking through would be a dick move.

So I was stuck. Who could dream up a more frustrating hell?


My morning run was always better if I had a good view from the treadmill. The free weights were set up right next to my machine, and since I was at a mostly male gym that focused on mixed martial arts fighting, my odds for having a great run were excellent.

Today, however, the view was rather dismal. There were only a few guys lifting weights, and they were featherweights. I hated to use the word scrawny with any of these guys, because they all had serious muscle, but compared to the other guys at the gym, they were a bit…smallish.

Since there was nothing good to look at while I ran, I zoned out. I couldn’t help it. At only nine in the morning, a girl was allowed to mentally check out for a moment or two. So I was startled when Ian came out of the office just a few feet from me. Almost fell off the dang machine.

The one-way mirror in the office looked right out onto the treadmill. How long had he been back there? Not that he would have seen anything he liked. The prick.

Our eyes met for a second. His square jaw clenched and his cool blue gaze darted away from mine. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. The small motion emphasized the bulging arm muscles that came out of his