Tempt the Dragon - A.C. Arthur

The Legion Glossary

Baron Drakon—dragons not born from a pure breed leadership clan, in some cases their blood was mixed with other beings.

Chameleon Cloak—the act of a chameleon Drakon’s body taking the form of any inanimate object.

Communicator—watch-like device that serves as GPS, internet, email and telephone, worn by the Legion agents and used to communicate with each other.


Drakon Imprint—a Drakon’s personal identity traits (similar to DNA) i.e., fingerprint, scent and heat signature. Provides vital information such as a Drakon’s clan link, color and size.

Dhampir—the mixed breed creation of an Impundulu who has mated with his witch.

Dream dust—a frosty white dust that any dream being can produce to put someone to sleep.

Dream Reaper—receives messages of death via his dreams.

Dream Watcher—keeps watch over dreams and is able to communicate with others through dreams.

Fade/fading—the act of a Drakon vanishing from one place and traveling to another.

Far Realm—home of the Drakon and other mythological

beings such as shifters (wolf, feline, etc.), gods and goddesses.

Fey Realm—home of the fey people; mystical fantasy-like land.

Heat signature—Drakon temperature that captures the intricate combination of heat from the dragon and human. Can be altered by emotion.

Hella—a combination of strong herbs spiked with hallucinogens.

Human Realm—home of the human species.

Impundulu—vampires who were found in the eastern Cape region of Africa; usually men controlled by a witch who made sure they were properly fed to keep them from turning on her.

Lords—vampires born of the Royal Blood.

Mimic—can change the structure of molecules in her body to look like someone else—human forms only.

Mind cleaning—the act of erasing memories from a human’s mind.

Noble Drakon—dragons born from a pure breed clan with leadership status.

Royal Blood—royal hierarchy of the vampires.

Soul emotion—feelings and thoughts not spoken, but felt deep within one’s soul. Only empaths and some magickal beings could read soul emotions.

Soul identity—the true nature of a being, beneath any façade such as beautification or adjustments via human bodies and other costumes.

Soul identifier—a being with the power to see a soul identity.

Spirit Realm—home of the spirits; corporeal beings; ominous fog-filled land.

The Collectors—a group of bounty hunters hired to retrieve preternatural beings.

Veils—place that separates each realm, connected by the In-Between.

Watcher—keeps watch over a clan in the present realm, also possesses remote viewing which is the power to track people or objects from afar.



Eighty Years Ago

“I got your back.” Truer words had never been spoken to her and Mel would go to her grave believing that.

However, she wasn’t planning for her life to end tonight.

When Aiken used his telekinetic power to push the dumpster in front of the feline shifter to keep it from exiting the other side of the alley, she ran up behind it, jumping into the air to kick it in the back. The force of her kick sent the shifter stumbling a few feet forward. It made a ferocious sound and dropped to its knees before changing from the hundred-and-ninety-pound man they’d followed from the train station to a big-ass white lion!

“Shit!” she yelled, when after a few shell-shocked seconds the large beast turned and charged her. Her hand went immediately to the waistband of her jeans to grab her gun, but she’d dropped that when she was chasing the guy on the street and he’d knocked over a bunch of trash cans to stop her. She’d had to jump over each trash can to keep herself upright and when he got hip to that and picked one up, tossing it at her, she’d instinctively reached up to catch it, instead of ducking like Aiken had done. The gun had fallen from her hand in the process.

But she hadn’t stopped then and she wasn’t going to stop now, regardless of the tendrils of fear slipping down her spine. She reached down to grab her backup gun from her ankle holster, a second before the lion knocked her flat on her ass. Its heavy paws were on her chest, pressing the last breaths out of her, just before its face came closer to hers, long and sharp teeth just inches from her cheek.

The next roar she heard was Aiken’s. She knew because it not only shook the dumpster and the buildings around them, but the ground beneath her trembled, as well. When her next breath came without restriction, she saw the whir of white fur seconds after Aiken lifted the animal and tossed it all the way down to the end of the alley. The force of a four-hundred-pound lion in motion exploded into the dumpster, sending the beast and the dumpster careening to a stop, just inches before slamming