Tempest Rise (Treborel) - By Alaina Stanford

Chapter One

The room shook with Prince Katars laughter. Enda’s large her blue eyes filled with delight as the tall mountain Prince winked at her. Turning his attention back to the Queen's Chief Advisor he asked mischievously, "An heir? Is that all that concerns you?" Katar’s shoulder length sun blonde hair shook as he moved across the library to the elderly gentleman. He placed his hand on Lord Wills boney shoulder, Katar continued, "Hanlin, old friend, I can give the crown an heir anytime you please, without the hindrance of marriage." His dark blue eyes sparkled behind the serious expression he displayed.

Without turning from Lord Wills, Katar inquired of the beautiful blonde behind him. "What do you say Enda? Want to bear a Royal Heir for Treborel?"

Noting the flash of warning in the Prince's expression, Lord Wills knew the arrogant Prince was completely capable of carrying out his threat. "Highness!” He gasped his nearly 70 years of life showing through the elegant exterior in which he prided himself. Lord Wills scrambled to his feet appalled at such an outlandish statement. He desperately tried to maintain his composure. Knowing it would only make matters worse if he let his anger rule the conversation. As Royal Advisor to her Majesty Queen Sari, it was his duty to make Prince Katar understand the Queen wished that he marry.

"With all due respect to the Widow Waytals, she is not of royal birth, nor is she of Treborelan blood. She is also unable to maintain a respectable reputation at Court. To consider producing a child out of wedlock is bad enough without compounding the situation with mixed blood." Lord Wills tried to reason with the arrogant Prince.

"Mixed blood?" Katar said with feigned shock. "Hanlin Wills, never in my life would I have labeled you a snob, until this very moment." Despite his taunting, Katar knew Hanlin was seriously concerned with the future of Treborel. Katar glanced over at Enda Waytals lounging seductively on the velvety comfort of the deep blue couch, he smiled wickedly. The plunging neckline of her deep green gown could not possibly be more revealing. It was true, she was all that Hanlin had described, as much as that mattered.

Katar continued, "How can you soil the name of Lord Waytals with the mere informalities of his wife's birth? Burton Waytals was a dear friend of my fathers and he gave Enda the title legally." Katar turned and moved back to sit beside Enda.

Finding his long legs and boisterous attitude too much to resist, Enda curled her long fingers around his arm and cooed softly at him. "I am at your service my Prince of Scoundrels. My womb is yours." Smiling wickedly at the now pale Lord Wills, she turned and innocently gazed into Katars eyes.

Chuckling softly Katar took her hand and kissed it lightly. It was apparent to Enda why the Queen's Advisor had broached the subject of marriage. Although she hid her disdain, she was certain it held a great threat to her security. Prince Katar's twenty-sixth birthday was less than a year away and the Queen wished to retire when her son reached thirty. The Mountain Princes' days of bachelorhood were nearing an end. If he was forced to choose an appropriate bride, Enda would quickly disappear from his life.

There were too many reasons why she needed to remain close to the young Prince, many of which he was completely unaware. Yet her need to stay close was not great enough for her to truly consent to a pregnancy. Fully knowing Katar used this threat of a bastard child only to caution his meddlesome advisor, she deeply enjoyed the conversation unconcerned. As carefree and adventurous as he appeared, Katar would never allow his freedom to be bound by the birth of a child. It was highly unlikely that the Queen would be blessed with a grandchild until she ceased her attempts at finding her son a bride. Prince Katar had successfully resisted every attempt at matchmaking that the elderly Lord Wills had made.

"Perhaps it would be best if we continued this conversation in private." Hanlin announced coolly glaring at the smiling widow.

With a flash of anger Enda excused herself and headed toward the tall double doors that led to the wide corridor outside. Katar watched, amused as her full figure swayed across the room. Her long golden hair curled perfectly around her slender shoulders bouncing as she walked. She was definitely the most exciting woman in Treborel, possibly the most beautiful as