Teach Me (Love Me) - By Alla Kar

Teach Me

Alla Kar

Chapter One


“You did not,” I said.

Jamie shook her head back and forth, nibbling at her bottom lip with her teeth. Her mascara was running in streams down her face, and she was doing a hiccup cry. “I thought he liked me, Sarah. I really did.”

I didn’t. I knew Cole was an asshole. I had told her. She called me crazy and went out with him anyway. Now look at her. This wasn’t the first time Jamie gave it up to a guy. She done this every few months, date a new guy, sleep with him, he leaves and I was there to pick up the pieces. “Jamie,” I said, wrapping my arms around her small shoulders. She started to shake, crying into my neck. “You deserve better than Cole. You’ll find someone else way better. I promise.” That wasn’t a lie. Jamie found boys like I found dirty clothes from my roommate scattered around. All the time.

She sniffled, let out a loud obnoxious cry and finally sat back up. She wiped at her face, smearing the remains of her mascara all over her cheeks. “Promise.”

I nodded, and rested my hands on her shoulders. “I do. Now, let’s get going. I need to get back to the apartment. I have a test tomorrow in Survey of Civ.”

Jamie slid down from the concrete wall in front of the library and fell into step with me. “It’s the first week of the semester, you already have a test?” she asked.

“Unfortunately, yes.” I rubbed at my eyes, thanking God I didn’t wear any make-up today. Jamie was going to run me to death. I didn’t have any drama, it was always Jamie’s I was dealing with. Matt, my boyfriend, always got mad that I was dealing with Jamie’s drama, when we had none of our own. It wasn’t liked I asked for it, she was my best friend, I couldn’t just throw her out to deal with her own problems. Not in my nature.

Jamie climbed in the side of my blue Jeep and curled into a ball. I sighed. She really needs to learn how to control her hormones. I drove toward the Pine Valley Apartments, right off the main drive toward the school. I pull into the overly priced green building A’s parking lot and parked.

“Is Matt here?” she asked, glancing over at me before opening the door. Jamie didn’t like Matt, either. She said he was ‘overly controlling.’ This was kind of true. He was a UAM baseball player, and gone to practice a lot. I enjoyed my free time without him. Sometimes he drove me crazy. How many times can you check your reflection in the mirror? Almost as much as my roommate Cody. Who was gay and had the right.

I shook my head. “He isn’t here,” I said, sliding down my seat to the pavement. “He is at baseball practice.”

“Thank, God,” she mumbled, straightening at her hair with her fingers.

We walked up to room 203A and opened the door. “Zeus come back!” Cody yelled, running into the living room. He was holding a hair dryer, two pink bows and running toward my long haired Chihuahua, who was sliding along the wooden floor. “Please, you’ll look so pretty.”

“Jesus,” I mumbled. “Cody. What in the hell are you doing to my dog?” I asked, slinging my bag on our pink futon. “Come here, baby.” I picked him up and he started to growl at Cody.

Cody rolled his blue eyes and shrugged his shoulders. “I give up. He won’t let me put the bows in his hair.”

“He is a boy,” Jamie said from the kitchen.

He shrugged. “Maybe he likes boys.”

I smiled and let Zeus down, so he could run and hide under the futon. “Leave him alone, Cody. What are you doing home anyway? I thought you had to work?”

I followed him to our little bistro table, where he sat down. “I’m gonna leave in about five minutes.” He rolled his eyes. He worked at Piggy Sue’s in the kitchen. He hated it only because he would get his perfectly quaffed hair greasy in the kitchen. I personally loved the place. The food, the owners, but grease and Cody didn’t mix. “But, I’m glad you’re here, I have got to talk to you.” He flipped his brown bangs over his forehead and his big brown eyes widened.

I grabbed an apple off the center of the table. “What is it?”

“We have a new neighbor,” he said, wagging his eyebrows up and down. They’re