Talking Dirty with the CEO - By Jackie Ashenden Page 0,1

was hoping the emphasis would be on the naughty.

There was a long pause, as if she was thinking about her answer. Then, much to his disappointment, another couple of people entered the chat room. Joseph shifted in his chair, unaccountably annoyed. Dammit. He’d been enjoying himself.

Naughtygirl25: Hey, looks like the game’s starting. See you on the map?

That would be a no. He wasn’t a gamer.

Studman500: Nah. I’ll sit this one out. And think about naughty girls instead.

Another pause. The chat room—where everyone gathered before the map loaded—cleared out as all the participants entered the game. All except Naughtygirl25. Now why was that?

Studman500: What’s happening, Naughtygirl? I thought you wanted to play?

There was no response for a minute. What was she doing? Had he taken the “naughty” a bit too far? A few moments later Naughtygirl’s reply appeared:

Naughtygirl25: I do want to play. How about this for a game? Me: bra, garter belt, stockings, and Ugg boots. You: leopard-print thong, baby oil, and…

The cursor blinked, annoyingly still. Then:

Naughtygirl25: …and a smile.

He laughed. So she wanted to stay and chat, did she? He was all for that. Because this was way better than staring aimlessly at the ceiling while he waited for Karl to wrap up his office gossip, that was for sure. Hell, this was better than any of the last few face-to-face flirtations he’d indulged in. He reached for the keyboard again:

Studman500: I like your game, Naughtygirl. But can you make it naughtier?

Another smiley face popped up.

Naughtygirl25: Add a lava lamp, a sheepskin rug, a mirror on the ceiling, and some etchings I can come up and see. Naughty enough now?

Dammit, now he couldn’t stop grinning. They’d bypassed the naughty and were now heading into cheesy territory. That was okay, though. He liked cheesy. After a quick check to make sure Karl was still talking, he typed in another response.

Studman500: Not quite. We need music. How about a bit of Neil Diamond to set the mood? Though, if you prefer Barry White, then I have that, too.

Naughtygirl25: Nope, I’m a Neil Diamond girl all the way. Are we having drinks?

She really had to ask?

Studman500: How does a Bloody Mary suit you? On the rocks, naturally.

More laughing emoticons:

Naughtygirl25: Naturally. So drinks are sorted. What other naughtiness can we get up to?

He could think of several things. But really, how far should he take this? Sexy online chat wasn’t something he’d ever done, especially at work. And although he was enjoying himself, he supposed he needed to get rid of her and not actively encourage her.

The cursor blinked and more text scrolled past:

Naughtygirl25: Don’t leave me hanging here, Studman. I’m coming to the end of my Bloody Mary. Bring on the naughtiness!

Then again, he was the boss, wasn’t he? And what was the point of being in charge if you couldn’t break the rules now and then? Hell, if he wanted to engage in some flirtatious sexy chat with a faceless stranger then he damn well would.

Naughtygirl25: Helllloooo…Studman?

He flexed his fingers and typed:

Studman500: How naughty do you want me to be?

Naughtygirl25: I don’t know, how naughty can you get?

Oh. Very.

Studman500: Okay, how’s this? First, I’ll be laying you down on my sheepskin rug and next I’ll be taking all your clothes off, revealing you inch by delicious inch. Leaving the Ugg boots till last.

There was a long pause.

Joseph sat back and stared at the screen. Had he scared her off? Perhaps he’d been too full-on with the sexual innuendo. He did sometimes get carried away when he got very focused on a particular thing, though not usually to that extent.

Annoyed with himself and too impatient to wait for a response, he quickly typed another message:

Studman500: Well, I guess that’s inappropriate. Sorry.

There was nothing for a moment. Then:

Naughtygirl25: Hey, no worries. And you weren’t too inappropriate. At least up to the point where the clothes came off. LOL! Are you always this forward with strange women?

A weird kind of relief went through him.

Studman500: I blame the Ugg boots. One look at them and I completely lost my head.

Naughtygirl25: In that case, wanna know a secret? *whispers* Men in thongs drive me wild.

Joseph laughed. Like thongs were ever a good look for men. At least he’d never be caught dead in one. Whoever this woman was, he was starting to like her. Very much.

Studman500: Oh, don’t tease. I’m hard for those Ugg boots already.

Another pause, and then she shot back:

Naughtygirl25: Okay, since we’re not being prudish here, why don’t I ditch all my clothes