Taking What's Necessary (Forced Submission #9) - Alexa Riley Page 0,1

his thighs are. I look away quickly, trying to get these dirty thoughts out of my head.

“And what can I do for you today, Penny?”

He says my name like a caress, and it feels like warm water rolling down my back. I hold back a shiver and swallow hard.

“I’m scheduled for my yearly exam.” I nod to the chart that he’s got on the table behind him.

“So you’ll need a breast exam as well as pelvic?” His eyes dip down to my body once again, and I feel my cheeks burn.

“Y-yes.” I swallow once more. “Yes.”

“Perfect,” he purrs, and now the hot water has moved from my back to between my legs. “Lie back on the table, and we’ll begin.”

“Yes, sir,” I say softly as I lean back and settle against the pillow.

Chapter Two

Dr. Maverick

This is my lucky day.

When Dr. Sweet asked me to take over her practice, I'd looked at her in confusion. I wasn’t a gynecologist and didn’t have a desire to be. When she explained to me that I could still do my general practice out of her office, I began to listen. She hired someone to take over her gynecology patients but needed a family doctor in house. So many of her patients didn’t have regular check-ups and needed someone to go to for common colds or routine exams.

She hired Dr. Brown to run the side of her practice that required gynecological services. My side is for general practice only.

Seeing Penny on the table dressed in the gown, I have no choice but to give her a thorough examination. After all, it's my job.

As I walk closer to the table, I see her twist her fingers in her lap. Wanting to calm her down, I reach over and place my large palm on top of hers. “It’s all right, I’m here to take care of you,” I say softly, and she gives me a nervous smile as she nods.

“Do you give yourself breast exams at home?” I wait, and she nods quietly. “We’re always looking to improve techniques, so I’d like you to show me how you do it on your own.”


“I want to see how you touch yourself.” I lick my bottom lip as I reach for the front of her gown and untie it. “So that I know for certain you’re doing it the proper way.”

“Okay,” she says as her fingers hesitate over her breasts. Her nipples are tight, and I hold my breath as she begins rubbing one breast and quickly moves to the other.

“You should be taking more time,” I say softly, and her eyes meet mine. “You should go slowly and make sure you’re covering every inch.”

She nods, and I smile. “Let me show you,” I say, placing my hands under hers. “Any tenderness?”

“Um, no.”

Cupping one breast in my hand, I have to hold back a groan. It’s soft, and the weight of it in my palm feels so fucking good. I brush my thumb over the nipple to see its reaction, and when there’s a flush of blood to the surface, I smile.

“Circulation is beautiful.” Her lips part, and she inhales quietly as I use both hands to cup one breast and then massage it. “Arms over your head.”

Fuck, she’s hot. I move my fingers to the underside of her breast and then around to her back, making it seem like an exam. My thumb continues back and forth over her nipple, and the pretty peak only tightens. A small moan escapes her lips, and I look to see her eyes are closed. She’s enjoying this almost as much as I am.

When I move to the other one, I give it the same treatment, kneading gently and playing with her nipple. She’s so fucking soft, and I’m angry I can’t lean down and lick her here, just to see what it tastes like.

I’m so fucking hard right now that I push against the table to try and give myself some relief. I shouldn’t be doing this, but when an opportunity this sexy falls in my lap, I’m not turning it down. If someone walks in, I can explain this as helping out Dr. Brown. Any decent doctor can give a breast exam, and I’m giving this patient the best she’s ever had.

Placing my palm flat down on the center of her chest, I hold it there and feel her heartbeat. It’s like a little rabbit, and I have to hide my smirk. She’s so responsive. Taking both breasts in my