Sweet Seduction - Maya Banks

Maya Banks - Sweet #3 - Sweet Seduction

Chapter 1

Julie Stanford took a deep breath before shoving aside the curtain to walk into the massage room where Nathan was laid out in all his glorious, naked splendor. Of course, he would be on his belly, with a towel draped across his ass. His very tight, gorgeous ass.

He stiffened slightly as she moved closer, the roll of muscles across his back betraying him. Despite what he might try to portray, he wasn't immune to her. Not by a long shot.

Ah well, it didn't matter. After today, she was so moving on from her fixation with Nathan Tucker. She had fantasies to live, great sex to have, and ... Okay, she'd settle for great sex. No need to get carried away.

Humming to herself, she readied her supplies then turned to the feast of male flesh before her. Before, she'd always worked with his display of modesty and left the towel over him. She'd never pressed him to turn over so she could do his front, even though she knew damn well the only reason he refused was because he didn't want to get caught with an erection.

But today? She wasn't in an accommodating mood. Nope. This was her last chance to savor him, and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

First thing she did was whip off the towel and toss it across the room. He jerked and reached blindly back with his hand.

"What the hell?" he muttered as he twisted and maneuvered, all while trying not to turn over.

She grinned and placed her hands over his shoulders to shove him back down to the table. He quieted immediately at her touch even though he went so tense that it would take her the better part of an hour to work out the kinks.

He wanted her. But for whatever reason, he didn't want to want her. And that irritated her. What was so wrong with her? It wasn't like she was a clinging vine, desperate for love and commitment.

The idea that he could be so appalled by his attraction to her stung.

Trying to tamp down her flashing aggravation, she concentrated on the smooth muscles of his shoulders as she worked over his tanned skin. Soon, calm invaded her as she lost herself in the intense pleasure of touching him.

She took her time, determined to make it last. After today she was resigning as his massage chick, and she was off to greener pastures, thanks to Damon Roche.

Okay, so she hadn't exactly talked to him yet. She'd wanted to give him and Serena time to sort out their differences before she hit him up. But he was a nice guy, and she was convinced he'd help her. Faith had been equally sure.

A dreamy smile curled her lips upward as she imagined the possibility of Damon arranging her sexual fantasy at The House.

When Nathan made a sound, she frowned and looked downward. She'd worked her way to his ass, and as soon as she began kneading his tight buns, he'd let out what could only be described as a strangled protest.

She wanted to laugh, and had to swallow hard to prevent it. She needed to snap out of her daydreams and get her head back in the now. Hell, Nathan Tucker was here, naked, under her fingertips, and she was fantasizing about getting it on with two other guys.

Her fingers trailed over the hard globes of his ass before she cupped and rolled the supple flesh under her palms. He made a desperate little sound that had her stifling the laughter again. Yet, he made no effort to stop her.

There was a light smattering of hair at the small of his back that trailed down the cleft, and she followed it with one fingertip. He sucked in a breath and went completely still as she teased the region between his cheeks.

Then, as if she'd never dared to push the boundaries of the massage, she traveled to his thick legs, caressing and molding the bulging muscles of his thighs.

Man, she loved touching him. It was addictive. He was supposed to be gaining the larger enjoyment from the massage, but she wasn't sure that was the case, because she was in heaven.

When she got to his feet, she spent several minutes massaging the arch and instep before finally traveling back up his body. Her mouth watered as she imagined following her hand with her tongue. But no. Not yet. She wouldn't show her hand before it