Sweet Harmony (Harmony Falls #1) - Elizabeth Kelly

Chapter One


The front door slammed, and heavy footsteps tromped down the hallway. Her heart pounded and she ignored the look Grace gave her.

“What?” She hoped she sounded casual – wait did she sound too casual?

“Can I use your shower?”

He popped into the kitchen, already beginning to strip off his shirt and she soaked in the sight of his sweaty, naked chest as he grinned at her best friend. “Hey, Grace.”

“Hi, Daniel. Why are you always half-naked?” Grace asked as Kira set the knife down and tried not to lick her lips. Or drool.

“The ladies love it,” Daniel said with another grin. He wiped the sweat off his chest and his perfect abs with his shirt before shifting the duffel bag on his shoulder. “Do you mind, Kira? The guys and I were playing ball and I lost track of time. I need to be at the firehouse in twenty minutes and your place is on the way.”

“They have a shower at the station,” Grace said.

“Yeah, but there’s no line-up for Kira’s shower.”

“Maybe she’s already got someone in her shower.”

Daniel laughed before crossing the kitchen and slinging his arm around Kira’s shoulders. “You bring some guy home from the bar last night, doll?”

Her traitorous body was already trying to lean into him, and Kira forced herself to stand perfectly still as Daniel stared at her. She could feel the heat of his body against hers and she wanted to rest her head against his shoulder. At 5’10” he was only a few inches taller than her and their bodies fit together perfectly. She wouldn’t have to crane her neck to kiss him and it would make having sex in the shower super easy.

Do not start thinking about sex in the shower with Daniel. Do not start thinking about –

“Well, do you?” Daniel said teasingly.

“No, of course not,” she replied. “Go ahead and use it, you know where the towels are.”

“Thanks, doll.” He gave her a playful slap on the ass before leaving the kitchen.

Kira’s cheeks flushed and she stared down at herself, mostly in an effort to avoid Grace’s gaze.

“Shit,” she muttered. Her shirt was stained with watermelon juice and there was a grease spot on her yoga pants. Why did she always look her worst when Daniel was around?

“You really shouldn’t have given him a key,” Grace said as Kira left the half-cut watermelon on the counter and sank into a kitchen chair.

“He’s my friend,” Kira said. “You have a key to my place.”

“Yeah, and I don’t use it to take advantage of you and your shower, your fridge, your sixty-inch TV, your -”

“He’s not taking advantage of me.” Kira ran a hand through her blonde hair.

“Honey,” Grace leaned forward and took her hand, “Daniel’s been taking advantage of your crush on him since we were in high school.”

“Keep your voice down.” Kira glanced at the doorway.

“Honey, if he isn’t interested by now then he’s never going to be.”

Kira gave Grace a hurt look. “Why would you say that? You’re supposed to be my friend and -”

They both looked up as the front door slammed again and another set of heavy footsteps trod down the hallway. “Kira, did I leave my wallet here last night?”

Her brother Gideon appeared in the kitchen. Seven years older than her, his height, dark hair and large body were the complete opposite to her short and slender body, blonde hair and blue eyes. He favoured their father in looks while Kira took after their mother’s side.

“Yeah, it’s on top of the fridge,” Kira said.

“Thanks.” Gideon grabbed his wallet and stuffed it into his back pocket. He was wearing his uniform and she studied the gun at his hip as he grabbed a juice from the fridge. He didn’t normally work on a Sunday and she gave him a puzzled look.

“Why are you working today?”

He took a drink of the juice. “Ian’s nanny is out sick. Talk to you later.”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to Grace?” Kira scowled at him when he ruffled her blonde hair.

“Hey.” Gideon gave Grace a stiff smile.

“Hello, Gideon. How are you?”

“Can’t complain. You?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

Grace was staring at the table, and Kira reached across and poked her arm. “Grace, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Grace mumbled.

Gideon cleared his throat. “I need to get to work. Bye, ladies.”

“Bye, Gideon,” Kira replied.

He left before Grace could say anything and Kira poked her again. “Tell me what’s wrong, Gracie-Lou.”

“Don’t call me Gracie-Lou and nothing’s wrong,” Grace said. “What were we talking about?”

“You were telling me how Daniel