Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2) - Manda Mellett



“If you two are getting down to fuck, will you get a fuckin’ room?” Bolt sneers good humouredly as he walks into the clubroom, his eyes rolling as he catches my eye.

Lying relaxed on my man’s lap, my cheek resting against his chest, I’m too lazy to do much more than give Bolt a two-fingered salute.

“Are you claiming victory or giving him the equivalent of a finger,” Honor asks, his brow furrowed. “I can never tell.”

It’s my turn to roll my eyes. Yeah, I’m bilingual when it comes to non-verbal swearing, as they well know. Being from the UK, I’m more used to the British version, honed to a fine art during my military days.

The altercation has attracted attention. Duty, passing a beer to Honor, stares and shakes his head. “Never thought I’d see the day when you went soft, Swift.”

There’s nothing about me that’s soft, as well he knows. His comment causes me to growl. “Want to find out just how fuckin’ soft I am?”

“I’m not soft.” Road’s chest vibrates beneath me. “And definitely won’t be unless you stop wriggling.”

“Jeez, they are going to start going at it in a moment.”

Now Piston gets a V sign with my palm facing inward directed toward him. Just in case he doesn’t understand it, I jerk my middle finger toward him as well.

Road chuckles. Lazily, I remind him, “If we hadn’t had patched you in, I was going to ask Prez to make you a sweet butt.”

“Ah, but you’d have been the only one to use me, so I doubt I’d have had a problem with that.” His lips curve at the corners. “Fact is, I’d probably enjoy it. Nothing to do but lie around waiting on your command.”

“Don’t be too certain,” Preacher, the sergeant-at-arms, drawls lazily. “Any port in a storm and all that. Sweet butts can’t refuse a patched member.”

“You want my ass?” Road snorts.

Preacher grins widely. “Nah. Not me, Brother, but last week at the party, I saw the way Grinch was looking at you. He did seem quite focused on your backside.”

Unfortunately, I’d just taken a mouthful of beer and now it spits out of my mouth, all over me and the body I’m lying on. Bolt chucks over a box of tissues and we take a few moments wiping the mess up. I take the opportunity of rolling my arse over my man’s cock as I do.

He winces and grabs me tighter. “Vixen,” he says into my ear. “You’re going to pay for that.”

I hope I do. One thing my old man’s certainly got going for him is how he can use his cock. Mmm mmm. I think it’s almost time we call it a night and go back to our room. He’s definitely hard and my knickers are definitely on the damp side. Glancing over my shoulder, I see him grinning at me and smirking. It’s hard to know why I held out for so long, kidding myself I wasn’t attracted to him. I’d been so wrong. Road’s my soulmate, the other half of me. We’ve now been together for two months, and our relationship is only growing stronger.

A paw at my leg tries to get my attention. “Someone’s feeling neglected.” Grinning, I stretch out my hand, stroking the head of App, my hearing dog, gently pulling at his silky ears. Road and App. They’ve both brought something into my life. I realise I’ve become more relaxed since they’ve been around. They’ve brought out a side of me that’s human. It’s not gone unnoticed. Glancing around at my brothers, I know that I’m really accepted and no longer feel the need to prove myself. They’re happy to take me as I am. Maybe they always did, but I hadn’t allowed myself to see it. I can be a woman in love and still be a badass.

“Will you get me another drink, babe?” Road asks. “I’d get it myself, but you’re weighing me down.” He winks.

I’m too comfortable where I am, and there’s an easier way to get the job done without me moving. “Prospect,” I yell. “Two beers.”

“Coming right up,” Gears calls back.

He’ll be quick about it too, if he wants to patch in. I watch as he hurriedly snaps the tops off two bottles, and comes across the room at a run with one in each hand. It won’t be long until he’s joining us around the table, but as a good prospect, he’s showing no impatience or signs he’s getting fed up with being at