Stolen Heart - By Bennett, Sawyer


AltVeritas of Vyronas - Kestevayne

Kieran Dunne awoke right on time, as he did every morning. 6:30a.m. sharp. As a member of the Royal Army of the House of Clairmont, his years of military training couldn’t let him sleep any later. It didn’t matter that he had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, wrapped in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Speaking of which…Kieran rolled over to his side to look at said beautiful woman. What was her name again? Kayla? Kara? He knew it started with a “K” but past that, it just wasn’t coming to him. She lay on her stomach, with the sheets pulled up to her hips. Her slender back was peeking out from the long layers of golden hair flowing down to her rear.

A smile came to his face. Perhaps a little morning fun could be had as well. Reaching out, he stroked his finger down her back. Reaching the sheet, he pulled it down over the gorgeous swells of her ass. Kayla or Kara let out a sleepy sigh.

“Wake up darling”. Best not to let her know I can’t remember her name right now.

He now got an annoyed groan in response and watched as Kayla or Kara reached back and pulled the sheet up over her body. He supposed he should let her sleep. They had gone at it for hours the night before and he had rewarded her with no less than four orgasms. Poor girl had to be exhausted.

Kieran turned over on his back, placing his hands behind his head. Looking up at the ceiling, he mentally calculated the things he had to accomplish today.

Technically, he was on a hiatus from his duties with the Army. What did his brother call it? An extended vacation? Yes, that was it. Kieran had been on extended vacation for the past week. That was the problem being a soldier in a world that was utterly at peace. The Army was downsizing and without regiments to train, Kieran just didn’t have a lot to do anymore. He hated not being busy.

His brother, Carrick, was King of Kestevayne. King by marriage that is. He had married his soul mate, Ava Clairmont, almost three years ago, after they had defeated the hell-bitch Ralina.

He snickered at his new nickname for Ralina Haramish. He tried to come up with a new one every month or so. Hey, it’s what you did when you were bored! In the recent past, she had been known as “her evil holiness”, “skank witch” and “No one would touch you if you were the last woman in the universe”. She was a wretched excuse of a human indeed. “Was” being the key word.

Ralina Haramish had usurped the throne in Kestevayne seven years ago. After murdering Ava’s parents, King Jaron and Queen Selena, she had planted herself in the Clairmont’s palace and proceeded forth with a furious path of destruction and mayhem. Ralina, with her evil use of sacrificial blood magic, had tormented and killed wantonly the good people of Kestevayne. But she had met her match with Ava Clairmont.

Having been sent away to live in The First Dimension of Earth for the four years following her parents’ death, Ava had not been aware of the turmoil embroiling her country. Carrick and Kieran had stayed behind, waging a bloody war against Ralina and her forces. It was an uphill battle all the way. Not only had Ralina commandeered troops by mind control, her blood magicks allowed her to conjure up demons to jump into the fray. Oh, what he wouldn’t give right now for a good battle with an Erchras. Now that was a demon that could chase away boredom.

It was only after Ava returned to their AltVeritas of Vyronas, and she was able to learn the secrets of blood magic herself, that they were able to defeat Ralina. It nearly had cost Ava her life but she had prevailed. Ava lived and Ralina was dead.

Since then, Kestevayne, as well as all of the other countries in Vyronas, had enjoyed peace and idyllic harmony. Carrick and Ava had married and within a year had popped out the most gorgeous woman in the known universe. Emma…Kieran’s niece.

Okay, so Kieran doted on his niece. She was perfect in his eyes. She had Carrick’s blond hair and Ava’s green eyes, which lit up every time Uncle Kieran came to visit her… which was, oh, about five times a day. Living in the palace, in his own Royal apartments,