Spectrum (Stone Society #14) - Faith Gibson

Chapter One


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In this first-ever Stone Society compilation, you are treated to four stories in one. Revisit characters from past books who need their stories told. We also get to see what Rafael and Kaya are getting up to in Italy.

Ezekiel’s story picks up where we last saw him, at the end of Nikolas. Zeke transitioned thirty years ago, never knowing who his mate was. When he runs into someone from his past, he finally gets that one question answered. Before Zeke can spend time with Stella he was to do the right thing – head to Montana and see his brother Cyrus, the last remaining sibling who didn’t know the truth of their family.

Remy – Thinking his mate and child are dead, Remy has been trying to move forward with his life. When his son, Rain, is rescued, part of Remy’s soul is healed. Finding out his mate’s brother is the traitor responsible for all Remy’s pain, he heads out to find the male and make him pay.

Gabriel – Once known as Vincent Alexander, Gabriel Montague had his life destroyed before he could claim his mate. Used for his DNA, Gabriel lost his humanity and was left for dead. Now he spends his life sitting in a cell in the New Atlanta Penitentiary atoning for his sins. Gabriel never expects to see the sunshine for more than a couple hours a day. He never expects to see his mate again. Gabriel’s story isn’t a happy one, because what’s a Gargoyle without their mate? Isabelle has other ideas for her brother, though.

Rafael – This is a brief glimpse into Rafael and Kaya’s life. After the explosion that put Kaya in a coma, Rafael takes his mate, their son, and beloved housekeeper to their Italian villa. Rafe is tired, but he has a mate and son who need him. Will the peaceful countryside be enough to heal Kaya and recharge Rafael? Or will he decide to hand over the Clan to Frey for good?


Chapter One


December 2047

Zeke was so ready to be off this gods-forsaken jet. He had felt off from the moment he boarded the craft and had taken his seat in the back after booking the flight last minute. The plane landed on time, not that it mattered to Zeke. Rarely was he on a schedule, and today was no different. He had no one waiting at the end of the walkway welcoming him home. Had no time clock he had to punch. No real responsibility other than his brother Cyrus. He was just ready to be away from all the bodies surrounding him.

After what felt like an eternity, he was following the other passengers who’d been seated in the back through the airport. The customs line was long, so Zeke mentally prepared to wait. “Ezekiel?” an older woman’s voice asked. Standing several passengers ahead of him was a familiar face. The woman came backward through the line and stopped in front of him. She was short, so he had to look down. “Are you Ezekiel Seymour?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am.” He racked his brain trying to remember who she was. She appeared to be in her fifties, was still pretty without a lot of age lines, and her eyes reminded him of someone.

“Good heavens, you haven’t changed a bit. You look like you did when we dated.”

“Dated?” He smiled all the while trying to remember her name.

She laughed. “You don’t remember me, do you? I’m Sheila Varner. I was Sheila Bentley back then. You have to remember my daughter, Stella. Where’d she go?” Sheila looked around and grabbed a younger woman by the arm. “Here she is. This is my Stella, all grown up.”

Zeke felt like he’d been punched in the gut. Stella was a younger, prettier version of her mother. His brain kicked in, and he remembered dating a woman a couple times who had a toddler. Holy fucking shit. Stella held out her hand, and against his better judgment, Zeke shook it. He thought he was going to lose his stomach.

Stella must have felt the pull because she jerked her hand away. “What the hell?” she murmured.

Zeke turned to Sheila and lied, “I’m not the man you dated; that must have been my father. I’m Ezekiel, Jr. Please, call me Zeke.” There was no way Zeke was letting something as trivial as him dating Stella’s mother thirty years ago drive her away.

Sheila laughed, cocking her head sideways as she studied him intently. “Well,