Some Like it Hot - J. D. Light Page 0,2

experience, and he turned to look at me while his mouth was still doing that smiling thing… and I panicked.

"Do you have sex?"



"With people!" I said quickly. You know… to clarify.

It doesn't seem to be working, Bates. You know better than to try to have a conversation with Grant.

"Fuck!" I yelled loudly, making him pull back slightly. I sighed, closing my eyes. "I meant do you have an omega? But halfway through the sentence, I wanted to make sure that I didn't just assume that you only date omegas, and my mouth outran my brain. I'm pretty sure you don't have sex with animals, though I guess one never really knows that stuff. I'm pretty sure there have been several serial rapists, whose families had no idea they were into taking people against their will."

It took him a moment, and I was sure that had to do with the fact that he'd just gone through a kind of traumatic experience, and then an even more traumatic explanation, but eventually, he grunted at me, shrugging.

"I've dated both, but I'm single right now."

Duh, Bates! It wasn't like I didn't know that, since my apartment was closer to the stairs than his was, and I'd never seen him with anyone else, and you better believe, I'd definitely looked.

"Great!" I said, too loudly again, cringing when I realized how rude that sounded. "I mean, I think it's great. Not that I would judge you if you wanted a boyfriend… or even a girlfriend. Nobody should be judged about how they relationship. I haven't had a relationship in three years, and I want one."

Stop fucking talking! You're going to end up proposing marriage to him or something.

Grant must have been worried about the same thing, because he frowned slightly, before nodding toward the door, and ushering me in that direction.

Fuck. Shockingly, another failed attempt at having a normal conversation with Grant. And he'd been so open about his family. He'd even smiled and laughed. Why was I like this?

He probably felt trapped in his own house. I would bet once he got me on the other side of his door, he'd never answer the damn thing again.

"The only time you should feel trapped is if you’ve consented to being cuffed, or something," I said, once again trying to fix things.

He paused on his trek to the door, turning slightly to give me another confused grunt.

Wait. Am I starting to understand Gruntonese? Or would it be Gruntican? Gruntish? All I knew was that if I was suddenly able to differentiate the dialect, I might have a new career to consider when this one dried up.

"I'll go," I said, sighing. "I have sugar to… use. Thanks for always having sugar."

He nodded, but I felt more than a little responsible for the future wrinkles he was going to have between his eyes. I'd definitely contributed to about five years of aging today alone.

"I'll be sure to pick you some up the next time I'm at the store," he said after a moment, reaching for the doorknob. "That way you don't have to stop what you're doing to come get some."

"You don't have to do that," I said forlornly as he pulled the door open, wishing I could take back most of the last five minutes, with the exception of that smile, and the small length of time he'd talked about his family, the rest had pretty much been a shit show, and I was fully to blame for it.

Please, don't do that. I need this.

"Granty-Poo!" someone said excitedly behind me, nearly making me sling the sugar I'd just gotten for absolutely no reason, all over the damn place.

I spun to find a handsome man a bit taller than me with golden-brown hair, and a giant, mischievous smile, looking back and forth between Grant and me.

"No," Grant growled, making me gasp when he reached out and grabbed my shoulders, keeping me between him and the guy. "Nope. I told you, no."

"Grant!" an absolutely adorable omega, with the brightest smile I'd probably ever seen, and a pretty purple birthmark on his face slid in around me, and Grant sighed, his arms dropping away from my shoulders.

Damn it! I'd been too damn shocked to even enjoy it properly.

"Hi, Hinton," Grant grumbled, and I turned in time to see an almost smile on his face as he awkwardly put his arms around the man who was wrapped around him from the side, giving him what looked like a pretty amazing hug.

I tried