Some Like it Hot - J. D. Light Page 0,1

morning coffee smell grew bolder, sexier. He frowned slightly, but brought his hand a little closer and I bit my lip, happy tingles going straight to my gut.

I wasn't sure what I wanted him to touch more. My face? My neck? My dick? I was pretty sure he could put the tip of his index finger against the center of my forehead, and I'd be fucking delirious with happiness… but he stopped completely, his hand just kind of hanging there in the middle of the air as he seemed to be waiting for something.

"Uh, do you want me to take that, so I can put some sugar in it?" he asked gruffly, the crease between his brows growing deeper.

I started, suddenly realizing what a fucking idiot I was as I shook out of my Grant-induced moment of complete stupidity, and held out the fucking bowl. I nearly whimpered in dismay, as he seemed to make it a point not to touch me as he carefully took the bowl from me, and slowly turned away, taking off to the kitchen.

I groaned when he was no longer in sight, closing my eyes and letting my head drop forward in shame. While I'd been fantasizing about our long, happy life together, the two, possibly three kids we'd have together––depending on how terrible pregnancy really was––and our cute little cottage house on the edge of town, with a big ol' Great Dane who smothered us with affection, and accidentally knocked our kids over when they were all playing outside… he'd been fantasizing about getting me some fucking sugar, and getting me the hell out of his house.

I was truly pathetic.

Sighing, I turned to inspect my surroundings, like I always did when he stupidly left me in his living room alone, noticing he'd rearranged the things on his bookshelf, finally making that damn picture visible I'd always been curious about, but wasn't able to see, because of the challenges in my life––I'm fucking short––and like an annoying June Bug that was just trying to live his life, but was actually terrifying people and making them cringe away from my sticky legs, I headed toward the light, and probably got stuck in Grant's hair as I hovered near his things, while he came out with that sugar.

"Is this your family?" I asked in awe as I took in the ten men and a baby standing in the normal, slightly awkward family pose. The two older men––one alpha, one omega––stood front and center while eight others––definitely alpha––stood around them, touching their shoulders. The baby was turned around backward on the hip of one of the men out to the side, sucking on his fist.

It was actually a bit ridiculous as photos went, but somehow seemed kinda quirky.

Grant grunted, and I glanced at him, fighting back a smile.

Was that a yes?

"You have a beautiful… and giant family." And I meant that in the way that the numbers were definitely up there, and that they would weigh a hell of a lot if someone put them on a scale.

Grant and some blond guy with a shy smile were by far the largest of the group, but the poor omega in the front looked dwarfed completely by the men standing around him.

"That's not even all of them. These four have omegas now," he said, pointing to the big blond in back, a darker-skinned man, who looked to be of Latin origins, a black man who looked like a mixture of the older couple in the middle, and the man holding the baby. "And Ricki just turned two in May. I hadn't mentioned it yet, but I also think Riley, Cole's boyfriend––" He once again pointed at the black man who looked like the older couple. "––is pregnant. He doesn’t drink, and he occasionally touches his stomach all sweetly."

I was probably looking at him like he suddenly sprouted wings and turned into a flying pig, but that was the most I'd heard him talk ever, and apparently, he wasn't done.

"That picture is absolutely horrible, but Da thought it would be funny, and nobody really likes to tell him no… except Riley. Riley seems to enjoy it a lot."

He chuckled softly, and I 'bout had an orgasm… and seriously considered checking for seams behind his ears, because I was pretty sure this man had been possessed by aliens… or whatever.

I stood there for a while, just staring at him, and wondering how the hell I was supposed to be normal after this