Sinful Heir (The Heirs #6) - Michelle Heard Page 0,1

name, but I can’t come up with anything.

“Mr. Ballmer,” Tristan practically growls behind me. It feels like there’s a thunder cloud building against my back, but with Mr. Ballmer right in front of me, I stand frozen.

Stuck between a wolf and an old buzzard. Just great.

The touch makes my stomach churn as Mr. Ballmer’s fingers slip down my arm, reluctantly letting go of me.

When strong fingers curl around the spot where the slimy touch is still lingering, my eyes snap down. The spark is so intense it instantly sends my heart rate rocketing through the ceiling. I’ve never felt an instant connection like this before.

“Mr. Hayes,” Mr. Ballmer mumbles before he finally waddles away.

I begin to take a deep breath, but then Tristan’s hand drops to my lower back, and he gives me a soft nudge. “Let me escort you to our friends.”

I can only nod because it feels like I’m stuck in a web, danger slowly edging closer. A weird sense of excitement and apprehension fills me as if I’m the prey, and it’s only a matter of time before I’m caught.

Glancing up, I take in Tristan's strong jaw, which has a light dusting of scruff. His dark brown hair looks like he just fell out of bed and couldn’t have bothered with brushing it.


Yeah, I’m not going to lie, the man is attractive. Add the intimidatingly mysterious vibe, and I can’t help feeling intrigued.

The world I belong to is filled with wealthy men, all vying to be the one in charge. I’m used to being surrounded by testosterone.

But Tristan… he seems different. The confidence pouring off him gives me the impression no one dares to defy him.

I glance back at my friends. The moment my eyes connect with Fallon’s, where she’s standing with Jase, her cousin on her father’s side, I step away from Tristan. I position myself between Fallon and Jase, knowing it’s the safest place for me.

Unable to stop myself, I watch as Tristan greets the rest of the group. Between Indie Ink and CRC Holdings, we’re sixteen children, all heirs to the mega empires. Tristan’s family is up there with Jase’s. They’re also cousins, related on their mother’s side.

Turning my attention to Fallon, I ask, “Do you know Mr. Ballmer?”

A frown forms on her forehead. “Creepy old man?”

“Yep, that’s the one,” I mutter. “He plowed me off my feet, then groped my freaking arm.”

Fallon’s eyes instantly dart to mine and seeing the concern, I explain, “Tristan was there to help.”

She lets out a deep breath. “That’s good. Try to steer clear of Ballmer.”

“Why is he here?” I ask.

“Business ties,” Fallon grumbles. “He’s huge in imports and exports.”

“Fallon,” Tristan says to get her attention. They kiss each other’s cheeks, then his gaze locks on me. The corner of his mouth curves up as if he knows I’m hiding behind my friends, and he finds it entertaining.

Letting out a huff, I mutter, “I’m going to get something to drink.”

I walk away, not sparing Tristan another glance.


There’s nothing I love more than a good challenge.

“I should get a drink as well,” I excuse myself.

Anger still simmers in my chest from Ballmer groping Hana’s arm. A hobby of mine is finding out everyone’s darkest secrets. I’ve heard Mr. Ballmer likes his female company way too young.

I stay a couple of steps behind Hana, my eyes drifting over her.

There’s no way Ballmer’s getting his filthy paws on her.

I take in her thick black hair, her skin that has a soft glow, and then my gaze stops on the curve of her hips, followed by one hell of a sexy ass. The red dress she’s wearing should serve as a warning for me to back off.

Hana’s almost done with school. She’s just turned eighteen. Five years younger than me.

I tilt my head as my eyes burn over her toned legs until I reach the black heels that don’t do shit for her height. She’s still tiny as fuck.

The sight of her makes possessiveness stir inside me.

Nearing the bar that’s been set up for the occasion, Hana glances over her shoulder, and again her exotic beauty steals my breath.

Fuck, she’s otherworldly.

A red diamond in a world filled with fake diamonds.

Her eyes narrow on me, and it makes the smirk return to my face.

Definitely a challenge.

She’s not a prize to be won, but a woman meant to be earned. I get the feeling that attempting to attain Hana will lead to days filled with excitement.

I’ve been with my fair share of women, all