Silver Saints MC Volume 1 - Fiona Davenport



Nudging the kitchen door open with my foot, since I was holding two glasses of sweet tea in my hands, I stopped dead in my tracks and it almost smacked me straight in the face. When I’d arrived back at the compound, one of the prospects told me that I’d have to wait to talk to my dad because he was busy. I wasn’t surprised since I was used to playing second fiddle to club business. It wasn’t that my dad didn’t love me—he absolutely did—but he had a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders as president of the Hounds of Hellfire MC.

Instead of complaining, I decided to make a batch of my dad’s favorite drink—besides whiskey or beer. I was hoping it would soften him up a little for whatever he’d called me to the clubhouse to talk about. Only I was shocked that his meeting was with the last person I ever expected to see there.

Jared “Mac” MacKenzie.

President of the Silver Saints MC.

My father’s rival.

And my secret crush ever since I first laid eyes on him a year ago.

He was twenty years older than me, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about what it would be like to be with him. To run my fingers through his light brown hair. Feel those muscles under my hands. Trace his tattoos with my fingers. Maybe my tongue, too. To feel his beard scrape against my skin as he claimed my mouth. And to tilt my head back and stare into his pale green eyes and find them looking at me instead of through me like I wasn’t even there.

He didn’t notice me gawking at him as he stormed through the clubhouse, slamming the door on his way out. Had no idea I took several steps forward, following after him until I heard the roar of his motorcycle’s engine. Would never know that I flinched when my dad called out my name because it pulled me out of my Mac stupor and brought me back to reality. The one where I knew I’d never have a chance with him.

“As if there was even a remote possibility of that ever happening,” I mumbled to myself as I changed direction and headed to my dad’s office. A man like Mac had no interest in a girl like me, no matter how much dreaming I did about him. And if he ever did, my dad would put a stop to it anyway. If I wasn’t sure about it before, the thunderous look on his face when I found him sitting behind his desk would have convinced me that it was hopeless.

“Hey, Daddy. I made you some tea,” I said softly as I held a glass out to him.

“Thanks, princess,” he grumbled, taking the drink from me before he pointed at a chair. “Sit down. We need to talk.”

I did as he asked, just like always, crossing my ankles and smoothing the knee-length skirt of my sundress over my legs after I got settled in my seat. “Is everything okay?”

“No. Not even close.” My heart started to hammer in my chest at his response. My dad wasn’t one to show weakness; not even with me. Seeing the scared look on my face, he heaved a deep sigh. “But it will be. Things are fucked up right now, but I’ll figure a way out of it. I always do.”

I couldn’t imagine a situation that would get the best of him, so I was quick to agree. “I’m sure you will, Daddy.”

“In the meantime, I need you to stick close to home more than usual. The boys will keep an eye on you, like they always do.”

“I’m supposed to start my new job next week,” I reminded him. A feeling of dread started to creep over my skin.

“It’ll be easier on all of us if you’re here or at the house instead of running around town. The job can wait.”


“I’m not asking you, Bridget. I’m telling you,” he growled.

“I don’t think they’ll be able to hold the job for me if it’s going to be more than a week. The library’s already short-staffed, and I was lucky they were willing to give me a week off after graduation before I started.” My hands twisted in my lap as I silently pleaded with him to understand. I really wanted this job.

His deep blue eyes, the exact same color as mine, held a hint of apology. But his face looked like it was carved from stone. “I know how