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Miami, and though I currently lived in London, I was originally from Dublin, Ireland.

There were a lot of heavy accents going on when we streamed together.

But that was one of the things I loved about the internet. You could have friends from all over, instantly connecting with them from the comfort of your bedroom. At least, my bedroom was where I typically streamed since my flatmate, Sarita, didn’t enjoy being caught coming out of the shower while I went live to thousands of strangers on the internet.

That really happened once. She still hasn’t forgiven me.

As I rifled through my wardrobe searching for clean clothes to wear to lunch, I caught sight of a red hoodie, and my stomach lurched. Dev broke up with me months ago, and I thought I’d purged my room of all his things, but I’d clearly missed this old hoodie. I pushed the offending item deeper under a pile of other clothes and tried not to let our break-up conversation intrude into my thoughts, but it was useless.

I don’t want to go out with you anymore, Afric.

But why not?

Because you spend far too much time gaming. It isn’t healthy.

You game, too. You game almost as much as I do. It’s also my job if you hadn’t noticed.

That’s just it. I want to be in a relationship where gaming is my hobby and my girlfriend does, you know, normal stuff.

So, I’m not normal enough for you?

Look, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s really into you one day, but that someone isn’t me.

I finally managed to mute the memory. I was completely over Dev, but his rejection still smarted a little, mainly because in all my past relationships, I was always the one being broken up with, never the other way around. It was such a recurring theme that I’d now come to believe there was something about me that simply turned men off after a while. It could be a broad range of things, from my obsession with computer games to my quirky fashion sense to my lack of a verbal filter. Hell, maybe I had a really bad body odour, and no one was brave enough to tell me.

Anyway, I’d decided to quit dating for the foreseeable future. What was the point if they were only going to reject me in the end?

Not wanting to inadvertently stumble upon any more of Dev’s things, I barely looked at the clothes I grabbed as my phone buzzed with a message.

Michaela: I’m about to head to the restaurant. Do you mind if my co-worker Neil joins us?

I vaguely remembered that Neil was a personal assistant, the same as Michaela, and that he was supposed to be a really nice bloke. My friend had spoken highly of him at least. I typed a quick response.

Afric: Sure! The more the merrier!

Michaela: Great. See you soon. x.


At work, my duties ranged from the ordinary to the downright odd. The ordinary would be picking up dry-cleaning, while what I was doing right now would certainly be considered odd. I was logged on to my boss, Callum Davidson’s, social media accounts and responding to messages while pretending to be him.

Jocelyn561: Last week’s episode was incredible! I can’t believe you managed that jump!

Callum: Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the ep.

I was a personal assistant to the cast of Running on Air, a reality TV show about a group of freerunners from London. I carried out duties for all six cast members, but lately, I’d been dealing with a heavy workload for Callum in particular. He was the stud of the show, the one female, and even some male, viewers obsessed over, which meant he tended to get a lot of attention online. And since Callum had no interest in maintaining a social media presence, that task fell to me.

It was also awkward because I’d once had a thing for Leanne, the only female member of the cast and Callum’s current girlfriend. Add to that the fact that I’d confessed my feelings to her, and she’d promptly informed me those feelings weren’t reciprocated. So, now I had to spend hours at a time pretending to be the bloke she chose instead. Fun, right? Callum was my complete and total opposite, too. He was handsome, athletic, and muscular, with tattoos covering almost every inch of his skin. I was the plain guy in the background who was so unremarkable that people rarely even noticed I was there.

Yes, while my bosses completed death-defying stunts such as