The Sheik's Rebellious Mistress

Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Rebellious Mistress

The Sheik's Rebellious Mistress
Elizabeth Lennox



Your Majesty:

I am sorry to ask you for advice but I have no one to turn to at this point. I have used up all of my resources trying to resolve the situation but nothing has fixed the problem. I am imposing upon your letter of years ago where you offered help raising Electra after her father’s untimely death.

Simply put, the child is out of control. She is running with the wrong crowd and, as she reaches her teen years, I fear for her safety and her future. If her father were around, I would trust that he would know how to stop her dangerous behavior. But since his death five years ago, Electra has just become more and more unmanageable.

I understand that she is hurting from the loss of her last parent, but I can’t seem to get through to her and teach her to stop. In my old age, I fear I am unable to provide more than love and kisses, which isn’t up to the task any longer.

Any advice would be wonderful.


Edna Knight

Electra’s Grandmother

“You called, father?” Dharran Rashid Abbas, Sheik of Sandura asked as he walked into his father"s private study.

“Yes,” the king said weakly. “Sit down,” he waved to a chair beside his bed.

Dharr immediately sat down, pulling the blanket higher over his father"s chest, the worry eating into him while he maintained a calm exterior for his father"s benefit.

“Read this,” the king said, handing the letter to Dharr. Dharr read through the words quickly, then glanced at his father. “This is your ward? The girl you have been caring forsince the incident?”

“Yes. The bullet was meant for me but her father selflessly dove in front of me, protecting me at the cost of his own life.”

No expression came over Dharr"s face, but the assassination attempt had dramatically changed his way of looking at security issues. “The mother died years earlier, correct?”

“That"s correct. It will be up to you to ensure for this girl"s safety now.” Dharr suppressed the horror that his father"s words provoked inside him. He shook his head confidently. “No father, you will survive this bout just as you have all the others. You need to have hope and be strong.”

The king smiled wanly but then became serious again. “You owe her your life as well. Without the sacrifice of her father, you would have been king years ago. Now that you have had time, you are ready to carry on the throne. You are strong and powerful which would not have been the case if I had died that time.Her father"s sacrifice allowed me more time to guide you and teach you about the world and ruling our kingdom.”

“You are still strong,” Dharr commanded sternly as if the force of his voice could make it so.

The king took his son"s hand earnestly, wanting to make sure the responsibility was understood. “Listen, my son. You must protect this girl as I have done. She is now your ward. She has only her grandmother. There is money being sent for her care every month but if she ever needs anything else, you must ensure that she is cared for and protected.”

“I will see to it, father,” Dharr said immediately.

“The grandparents are very nice, but are also older than I am. They can"t be expected to turn this wild child into a presentable adult. It will be up to you. They will give her the love she needs. You will give her the protection.”

“Yes, father,” Dharr agreed. “I will set someone upon the task this afternoon.”

“Good.” The king"s eyes shut and Dharr froze in his seat until he noticed the slight rise and fall of his father"s chest. Breathing more easily, Dharr stood up and walked quietly out of the bedroom and down the palace hallways to his own office.

Handing the letter to his aide, he said, “Put some body guards on this woman. Her name is Electra Knight. I believe she is about sixteen years old. The guards should protect her around the clock and pull her out of any trouble she gets into. She should be guarded as if she were my sister.”

The aide quickly took the letter while efficiently writing down the instructions at the same time, nodding his head as well. “I will make it happen.”

“Tonight,” Dharr said.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Chapter 1

Eight Years Later

Electra Knight stood in the small but elegant restaurant feeling nervous but determined. “This has to work,” she whispered