The Sheik's Pregnant Lover

Elizabeth Lennox - Love by Accident Triology #1 - The Sheik's Pregnant Lover

The Sheik's Pregnant Lover (Love by Accident Triology #1)
Elizabeth Lennox


Chapter 1

The storm approaching was extraordinary with one half of the morning sky lit up with the rising sun and the other half blazing with fierce lightening as an early morning storm quickly approached. It was a rare, meteorological event that should have captured Rashid’s attention, but his eyes were captured on something much more fascinating.

The woman standing on the side of the road, bent over the hood of her car had possibly the cutest derriere he’d ever seen in his entire life. A sweet bottom like that should be on a woman much more rotund, but instead, that amazing, adorable bottom was paired with a slender waist and long, lean legs that were slightly tanned and looked to be well toned underneath the well worn denim shorts. Her lustrous, dark brown hair cascaded over one shoulder and, although he couldn’t see the face at the moment, he was hoping that her facial features would match the figure he’d been surveying for possibly the last five minutes.

While Rashid Samara Bousaid, Sheik of Tasain continued his fascinated perusal, his eyes glanced up at the storm once again, then at the black smoke rising out of the obviously broken engine of the ancient car. Thinking to do the heroic act and save his damsel in distress, he nudged his stallion forward with his heels. As ruler of Tasain, he rarely had time to ride anymore so when he’d woken with a precious free hour this morning, he’d immediately thrown on a pair of old riding pants and a well worn pair of riding boots and left the house before anyone could use up this unanticipated free time. Seeing this lovely wood nymph that needed his assistance had only improved his mood.

“Need some help?” Rashid asked as he stopped his horse, Zafir, at the edge of the gravel road.

Sidra pulled her hand off of the filthy radiator where she’d just located the mechanical problem when she heard the deep voice. She pulled her head out from under the metal hood of the useless vehicle and looked around to identify the voice. What she saw was definitely not human, and didn’t appear to be friendly at all! She stumbled backwards once before regaining her footing and realizing that the giant, brown muzzle was part of a horse. An extremely large horse!

The enormous horse was staring at her with what looked to be furious black eyes and bared teeth. When she took a step back, she realized that the horse was just standing there on the side of the road waiting and she took a deep breath, putting a hand over her rapidly beating heart. “Goodness, you startled me,” she said and peered around the horse’s head to see the man sitting in the saddle. And then her heart truly did increase in pace, feeling as though it might just fly out of her chest.

As she stared at the tall, black haired man with crystal blue eyes, she just about stumbled over her feet all over again. His skin was tanned and his shoulders were almost as wide as the horse’s. Or maybe they just looked that way in the white polo shirt he was wearing.

As he climbed down from the horse, her eyes were magnetized by the strong muscles flexing in his legs that she could see even through the material of his riding pants. As her eyes traveled upwards, she was even more impressed. Her mind told her to look away, but her eyes had a different opinion and she couldn’t seem to stop herself from surveying the rest of the man. Broad, muscular shoulders, very tall, and those eyes! She’d never seen that color blue before and she’d seen lots of blue eyed people in her life. Maybe it was just the tanned skin and almost black hair that made those eyes appear so incredible, but whatever the reason, the man was really quite magnificent.

“I apologize for startling you,” he replied softly as he approached. “I saw you from the tree line and noticed the smoke coming from your vehicle. Do you need some help?”

Sidra finally pulled her eyes away from the man, embarrassed that she’d been staring like that. Could she be more obvious, she berated herself.

She looked back at the tiny vehicle she’d rented at the airport this morning upon her arrival and wanted to kick the obnoxious machine. “The