Shadowed Heart (A Death So Sweet #1) - Candace Wondrak

Chapter One – Lola

With a strapless, tiny as hell black dress plastered to my body like spray paint, I was any man’s home run for the night. My blonde hair was neatly tucked into a brown wig, my whole face dolled up like I was some influencer on the newest app. Blended eyeshadow to light up my blue eyes, my full lips covered in a matte red lipstick; I looked like I could kill.

And you know what? Even in these four-inch, thin-as-spaghetti heels, I could.

Some people might scoff at me for wearing a wig, call me a wuss or whatever, but the vain part of me wanted this little game to continue for as long as it could. I liked the chase, the cat and mouse back-and-forth I played with myself every weekend.

They gave me a name, you know. Well, a nickname because they didn’t know who was committing all the crimes, leaving men dead and naked in their own beds. The Night Slayer. Had a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Oh. Uh, yeah. I might be a teeny, tiny killer of men. You know, no biggie or anything there, right? Who didn’t want to kill a few guys now and then? Totally normal. I wasn’t out of my mind in the slightest.

Okay, maybe just a little, but shh. Don’t tell anyone. Personally, I blamed mommy and daddy, along with one other person, but I refused to give that particular douchebag the light of day in my mind.

I sat at the bar in one of my favorite clubs. Bars and clubs in general were the best places to find those guys—you know the ones. The ones who preyed on the girls who were too drunk to walk right, the ones whose friends already left them for their own dick for the night. Me? I came alone, but I did not plan on leaving alone. I was looking for my next target. My next prey who thought with his schlong.

Men like that didn’t deserve to keep living, if you ask me. No one ever did, but still, that’s what I thought, and that’s why I did what I did. The police let them off. They were bought out by money left and right. If a rich white boy raped a poor girl, no one batted an eye. Judges acted like they’re guilty for sentencing boys with a bright future to two years probation after raping a nine-year-old girl.

Personally, I was sick and tired of it. Sick of men thinking they could do whatever the fuck they wanted to whoever the fuck they wanted, consequences or not. I might only be one person, but at least I’d take a few of those fuckers out before I met the electric chair.

I mean, I’d probably be super old before the state executed me—or maybe I’d be beaten up and shanked to death in prison before that day came; that’s what happened to a lot of serial killers who got caught and ended up behind bars, right?

Some people might be scared of their inevitable capture and demise. Me? Eh, I’d faced worse in my life. Grew up in a gilded cage full of shit, so I was ready. The heart in my chest was nothing but a shadow, a black mass of void; I didn’t care how long I lived.

Nursing my drink, I threw a look around the club. Loud music played overhead, a mass of bodies near the DJ dancing, grinding together, practically having sex on the dance floor. Hey, I didn’t care how anyone got their rocks off, as long as it was consensual. That was my biggest thing, clearly.

Some people stood to the sides, near the few tables there were near the bar, huddled with their friends… all except one guy. One guy who currently stared at me as if I was the only gal in this place, the only one who’d caught his attention.

Probably because he’d seen me drinking for the last hour and a half. I bet he thought, with my tiny stature and thin frame, I was nudging myself pretty close to drunk with each sip. When the time was right, he would swoop in and act like he was saving the day. Er, the night? Whatever. With his magic dick, I bet he thought he’d make everything all right.

He didn’t look much older than me. Maybe a year or two. Slicked back black hair that shone almost blue in the strobing light, with dark eyes that almost seemed