Shadowborn Academy_ Year One (Dark Fae Academy #1) - G. Bailey

My fate is in the dark,

And my shadow there is real…

The darkness likes to play in this world.

It also likes to deceive.

In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late.

That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else.

Something dangerous.

At the age of eighteen, Corvina and her best friend are swept away to the Shadowborn Academy, the one place where magic and darkness coincide.

It’s also where pupils go missing, teachers don’t play by any rules, the therapist is hot, and boys with dark magic love to seduce your soul.

With death becoming a game at the academy that not even the Dark or Light Fae seem capable of winning, Corvina’s love life should really be the last thing on her mind…especially when one of the boys just so happens to be her teacher!

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…

“Mirror, show me who will be the most powerful fae of all.” I say the command softly, trailing my fingers over the surface of the mirror, the crystalline glass like water beneath my fingertips. The gold frame is stained with the blood of creatures who tried to protect it from me, and the thought of the pain it took to deliver this mirror to my palace simply warms my darkened heart.

The silver water shimmers ever so slightly before an image appears of a newborn baby, held in the arms of the light fae king. He places the baby on the ground and slowly its small body is draped in a shadow that spreads into the shape of a woman. The darkness fades to show a girl with electric-blue hair and silver eyes that look like midnight itself kissed them.

She is beautiful, enchantingly so, and pride blossoms through my body.

“One born of light and dark.

Royal down to the last drop.

Blue of hair, silver as night.

Your child will be the most powerful in the ever long night.”

I reach out to gently touch the image of my child, the heart of the prophecy and heir to my throne, feeling a longing in my heart for her that I have never before known. As the image fades, so does the magic the mirror once held, but now I know what I must do.

“Invite King Ulric, alone, to my court,” I order, staring at my reflection.

“Yes, Queen of the Dark Fae,” my loyal servant replies behind me before running out of the throne room.

Seduction is always a game I play well.

And this time my daughter will be the prize I win.

A princess of both the light and dark fae courts.

My weapon against the ever long night…

The moonlight bleeding through the trees creates flickering shadows that dance around me. I should be afraid of them like all the other children are, but I’m not. These shadows are safe. They’re not like the ones watching me from the treetops, waiting to snatch me off the ground.

No, these shadows are different.

They’re my friends.

The faeries hiding in them follow me like they always do when I come into the Enchanted Forest. I can’t see them but I can hear them giggling and whispering in my ear. They flick my dark curly hair over my shoulders and play with the ribbons on my light blue dress, then the frills of my white socks with the little bunny rabbits on them. It’s their way of saying hello and it makes me giggle as I skip through the forest, humming to the song Mama always sings to me before I go to sleep.

Mama and Papa warned me not to follow these faeries. They said they’re not like the rest and I’ll be in deep trouble if I ever go out to play after dark. That’s when the faeries come out. They sing to children like me and promise us things beyond our wildest dreams, but nobody ever sees them again once they follow the faeries into the forest. Mama said it’s because they gobble them up for supper. I don’t believe her. I mean, how horrible would that be? I don’t think we taste very nice.

Pitch said the real reason the children don’t come back is magical.

He told me that they grow wings and go to live with the faeries. He said I can do that, too, once I make my wish. I’m so excited. I can hear him singing to me and I start