See Jane Love - By Debby Conrad


“So, do you know of any red-blooded, oversexed males who might want to have a hot, steamy affair with me?” Janie Callahan asked her sister Sara. She picked a baby carrot from the vegetable tray and dunked it in the bowl of ranch dip before shoving the whole thing into her mouth and chewing.

Sara Montero gave Janie a look over her shoulder. “Just one, but he happens to be taken. And please tell me you’re not going to start this again.”

“I didn’t mean Alex.” Janie’s words were barely intelligible. Swallowing, she reached for a radish this time and twirled it in the dip. “This stuff is so good. I wish I could cook.”

“That’s not cooking. All you do is open a container of sour cream and stir a package of ranch mix into it. Even you should be able to handle that.” Sara opened the oven door to examine the lasagna. The wonderful aroma of garlic, herbs and tomatoes instantly filled the air. “Another twenty minutes,” she announced, setting the oven mitt aside and shutting the door.

Janie shook her head as she sniffed and savored the smell, setting her long, auburn curls flying. “I’d still manage to goof it up somehow. You know my domestic skills are extremely limited.” She licked her fingers clean. “So, do you know of any available men who would be willing to . . . you know, rock my world?”

Sara stared at her younger sister as if Janie had asked if she knew of any assassins, then she burst out laughing. “I never know when you’re serious.” She waved a hand in the air.

Janie met her sister’s gaze head on. “I’m totally serious.”

“Janie, stop it! You and I both know you’d never climb into bed with a stranger. You’re too nice a girl.”

“Who said we had to use a bed? And who said I had to stay a nice girl forever?”

Sara shook her head and frowned. “Alex and the kids will be back any minute. So, can we please talk about something other than your crazy, sexual fantasies? Sexual fantasies that you have no intention of following through with.”

Sara had sent her husband to the state store for some wine, and the kids had begged to go along for the ride. Six-year-old Travis, and three-year-old Olivia. Livvy, they all called her. Her niece and nephew were the loves of Janie’s life.

Sighing, Janie rested her elbows on the kitchen table. “What do I have to do to convince you that I’m totally serious? I want to have a wild, passionate affair. I want to have sex with a man who will make me feel things I’ve never felt before. What’s so crazy about that?”

“I’m not going to listen to this,” Sara said, turning her back on Janie and busying herself with wiping crumbs from the countertop.

“Fine. It’s not your problem anyway. You’re married to Alex and probably have a wonderful sex life. You couldn’t possibly understand.” She picked up another carrot and dunked it forcefully into the dip. Then, bringing it to her mouth, she bit down on it with a loud crunch.

Sara slowly turned around. “You’re only feeling this way because of what your agent said. And believe me, that woman had no business suggesting you go out and have a meaningless affair. Besides, there is no such thing. At least not for nice girls.”

“How do you know? You’ve only done it with Alex.”

Leaning her back against the white-tiled counter, Sara said, “It’s not working. I’m not going to give you my blessing on this. So, forget it.”

“I don’t need your blessing. I’m twenty-eight years old. I can do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want.” It’s the whom part I have yet to figure out.

“I know that, but I still feel responsible for you. You’re my baby sister.” She gave Janie a stern look, then crossed her arms and rested them over her protruding stomach. “Do you know what kind of diseases are out there? And what if you should end up pregnant? Have you thought about that, at least?”

“Ever hear of condoms?” Staring at her sister’s big, round belly, Janie thought, maybe not, and smiled.

Sara was four months pregnant with her third child. With Travis and Livvy, you could barely tell she was expecting until she was almost six months along. But with this one, she’d started to balloon out during the first trimester. Even so, Janie thought her sister still looked great. Better than great.

Sara had gotten all