Seducing His Secret Wife - Robin Covington Page 0,1

throw him a life raft.

“I’m Justin—”

She shook her head. “I don’t do last names.”

Fine. If that was how she wanted it. It was how he usually liked it, too. He stuck his hand out.

“Okay, then. I’m just Justin.”

She eyed his hand for a minute, an eyebrow raised with a mocking skepticism that took him back to high school and his ill-fated attempts to get the attention of Brandilynn Post, the head cheerleader. Obviously a crash and burn he’d not forgotten, but there’d been a million head cheerleaders in his bed since then and he wasn’t scared off by a woman making him earn her attention. With all the women who normally threw themselves at him, this was an exciting change and one that had him hot and intrigued. He knew that if this night ended with her under him, she’d be magnificent.

“I’m Harley.” She grasped his hand but instead of lingering on the handshake her long fingers traced along his palm to blatantly examine his ring finger. Now it was his turn to raise his eyebrow in question. She released his hand and shrugged. “Just checking. I’m not into married guys.”

“You’re assuming that I’m into you.”

“We both know you are...” she said, taking a sip from her beer before giving him a lingering, hot look that had him shifting even closer. Close enough to feel the silk of her ink-black hair as it brushed against his face. Close enough to see a tiny scar that cut through the outer part of her perfectly arched left eyebrow. He took it as a good sign when she didn’t move away and knew it for a fact when she continued, “...and for the moment, you interest me.”

Bingo. Justin barely repressed the grin that plucked at the corners of his mouth. He shifted on his bar stool with a pool of fire settling in his groin and making him hard. But while she was currently into him, everything about Harley screamed that she was an untamed filly, ready to bolt at the whisper of anything she didn’t like. He wanted to lean over and kiss her but he glanced down at the bar in between them to resist the urge, deciding to circle back to the beginning of this adventure.

“Okay then, can I buy you a drink now?”

She picked up the second shot and drank it down. “I’ll buy. You need to catch up.”

She signaled to the bartender for three shots and motioned for them to be placed in front of him.

Justin picked up the first one, pausing before he put it to his lips. “Are we celebrating something?”

Harley cocked her head to the side, considering the question for a long moment before picking up her remaining shot and tapping it lightly against his own. “Freedom. New beginnings.”

“Whoever he is, he’s an idiot.” Because the man who’d let this woman slip through his fingers had to be the dumbest man on the planet. Well, the second dumbest... Justin wasn’t going to keep her, either. He wasn’t deluding himself that what was happening here was a love match or anything.

The vodka burned as it went down; it wasn’t as smooth as the brand he normally bought but any criticism disappeared with the chaser of the second shot. He shook his head a little, eyes watering as the alcohol took the first hit at his system and created a slow burn under his skin.

When his vision cleared, Harley was staring at him, her own gaze filled with a different kind of heat, a spark of something. She licked her lips, the universal symbol that she liked what she saw. He found himself back on familiar ground but he braced himself for the moment when she’d knock him off his feet. It wasn’t a position he was used to being in with women, but he enjoyed the push and pull with Harley. It was different...more alive and more real than the usual games he played before taking a woman to bed.

“So, who’s the guy?” Justin surprised himself with the question. What did he care about the dumb guy who’d let her go? He wasn’t interested in the past or the future, just the right now. And unless the loser who’d lost Harley was walking into the bar at this minute to get her back, he didn’t care.

But he didn’t take back the question, either. Justin wanted to know everything.

Harley cut him a sly look, clearly amused by his curiosity. “His name was Sam. He wanted a commitment