Saving Blu (Kings Reapers MC #4) - Nicola Jane

Chapter One


I stare down at the tiny bundle in my arms. “Anna, she’s just so adorable,” I say, smiling down at Willow, her baby daughter.

My friend, Anna, grimaces. “Don’t let that innocent face fool you. She’s quiet like that during the day and as soon as night falls, she turns into some kind of wailing monster.”

“I’ve heard that second child syndrome is a real thing,” says Eva, placing a tray of coffees onto the table. “Malia was a quiet baby,” she adds, referring to Anna’s firstborn.

Anna nods in agreement. “Malia was a breeze. She woke to feed and to have her nappy changed. That was it. Willow’s only happy when she’s in someone's arms. Usually her dad’s.”

I glance over to where Riggs is sitting at the bar of the clubhouse with his VP, Cree. They’re staring at a laptop like it holds all the answers. Riggs is the President of the Kings Reapers MC and our worlds crossed over when my brother, Vinn Romano, began doing business with the club. Since then, I’ve become great friends with the women here.

Leia joins us. She’s pregnant with the Enforcer's baby. She and Chains are the cutest couple. She eases herself down into a chair and I snatch her hand in my own to examine her new engagement ring. “Wow,” I say with a smile.

She holds her finger up and stares at the pretty square cut diamond. “I know, I still can’t quite believe it.”

“He’s got good taste,” I say.

“He didn’t choose it alone,” says Leia, glancing over her shoulder to see if Chains is within ear shot. “Raven,” she whispers.

Anna rolls her eyes. “Not this again,” she says.

“Gia brought it up,” argues Leia. “I’m just telling her that he didn’t choose it alone.”

“But you said it like Raven did a bad thing. She was helping him out,” says Eva.

“I know,” snaps Leia defensively. Chains met Raven in Manchester where he rescued her from the mad president there. She’s had a tough life and Chains befriending her meant that she came to live at the club here. We all like her, including Leia, she’s just having a hard time accepting their close friendship. “When your men get a female BFF, then come and tell me how it makes you feel.”

“Excuse me,” I say, “some of us don’t have a man, thank you.” I hand Willow back to Anna.

Leia grins. “Oops, sorry. Well, when you do get a man, make sure his BFF is a man. It’s tough to accept Chains and her together all the damn time. I’ll be glad when she meets a man of her own.” Leia takes a breath and then lets it out slowly. “I’m sorry, I know I’m being a cow. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I like Raven, I really do.”

“Your brother hasn’t managed to marry you off just yet then?” Anna asks me and I laugh. Vinn’s been trying to set me up with various men who will benefit my family. If I marry into a family with a good, respected name, then it’ll mean my family will become even more powerful than they already are. The trouble with his plan is that I’m not okay with it.

“He’s a tryer, that's for sure,” I mutter. “He won’t take a hint.”

“He might find a gorgeous man who’ll look after you,” says Leia.

“I don’t need looking after,” I say firmly. “I have my own business and my own mind. Any man who comes into my life will be because I want him to, not because Vinn set it up.”

Blade passes, getting my full attention. I watch his sexy ass all the way to the bar and then I follow. “Blade,” I say with a smile. He glances at me with a wary look on his face. I have flirted my ass off for this guy and he gives me nothing in return, but I’m not one to give up and so I place my manicured hand on his bicep. “Do you fancy getting out of here and taking me somewhere for a quiet drink?” I ask.

“No. I’m seeing the guys tonight,” he says distractedly. Frankie hands him a bottle of beer and he takes a long pull on it. “Another time.”

“You keep saying that and I’m still waiting,” I say with a small laugh.

“Then take the fuckin’ hint,” grumbles Blu. He’s sitting at the bar, staring down into his pint glass.

“I’m sorry but I wasn’t talking to you,” I say.

“Apology accepted and I don’t care,” he says