Royal Elite Epilogue (Royal Elite #7) - Rina Kent

Age Twenty

“This isn’t funny.”

My heart almost beats out of my chest even as I try to keep my voice light-hearted.

The sound of the rain beats down all over the King’s mansion, soaking the fountain in the middle of the back garden and the trees in the distance.

I should’ve known he was up to no good.

Levi is always up to no good.

“Levi?” I call in a hesitant voice as my steps falter near the covered hallway of the King’s mansion.

I search around, expecting one of his distasteful pranks where he jumps me from behind.

I’ll probably never admit this to him, but I love that part of him the most. There’s never a dull moment with him.

He makes my days unforgettable and my nights as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride.

Yesterday, he saw me having lunch with a few of my college friends who somehow all ended up being males. Levi decided to be a dick and kiss me in front of all of them until I had to apologise and leave.

I’m still feeling sore from the way he took me hard and fast against the door as soon as we entered his flat.

It’s his type of punishment. A game he plays with my body that I don’t ever want to end.

As soon as we graduated, Levi chose to live on his own. He still didn’t touch his trust fund and is living off his overflowing career with Arsenal. It amazes me how he can play and study at the same time. I feel so overwhelmed with the art classes alone.

On paper, I still live with Dad, but in reality, I crash in Levi’s flat more often than not.

We practically live together now.

“Are you going to be petty for long?” I ask, rubbing my arms.

A chill covers my bare limbs and it’s not because of the cold. A part of me is bubbling, itching and almost jumping out of my skin for what he plans to do.

Levi might have grown up, but he’s still the same unpredictable arsehole who’s out to flip my world upside down.

The only difference is that I love it. No, I crave it. Sometimes, I feel like his madness mirrors mine.

And when I wake up in the morning with this face next to mine, I say a silent prayer to always wake up next to him.

He might rock my world, but he’s also the only one who’s able to balance it. He’s my anchor and my peace. He has some possessive and controlling issues, but that’s part of who Levi King is.

In fact, after getting to know his uncle and his cousin, I can say Levi is the safest amongst them — shocker, I know.

They have something all screwed up in the family’s blood.

They’re all twisted in their own ways and they’re unapologetic about it.

A sound catches behind me. I stop and glance sideways, my breathing hitching.



I wait for a few long seconds and then release a breath. I’m going back inside. To hell with Levi’s games.

Something crashes into me from behind. I shriek until I recognise his warmth and his unmistakable scent.

“What did I say about letting your guard down, Princess?” he speaks against my ear before he nibbles on the lobe. “That’s when I’ll always strike.”

“You’re awful.” I try to control my heartbeat.

“You still love me for it.”

“Maybe I don’t anymore,” I taunt. “Maybe I’m falling for someone else from my class.”

“Do you really want the blood of all your classmates’ on your hand?”

I gasp in mock reaction. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I very much would.”

Yup. He’s crazy enough to do it.

Before I can say anything, he picks me up in his arms. I gasp as he runs straight out to the rain, and I squeal with pure excitement as the water soaks us.

His lips slam into mine as he kisses me until I can only breathe him. It’s desperate and robs my sanity and my entire surroundings.

He still consumes every inch of me with a single touch.

The feeling of being in the rain with him never gets boring. It’s one of my favourite things to do with him.

Instead of spinning me around in his arms, he puts me down on my feet and steps back.

Before I can make out what’s going on, he gets on his knees and fetches a ring with a huge diamond on top from his pocket.

“You gave my life meaning and I want to spend every single moment of it with you.” He looks up at me with his wet blond hair sticking to his