Rowdy Boy - Clarissa Wild



I wasn’t looking for trouble, but no matter what I did, it found me.

When I moved schools, I thought my life would be different, that I’d finally get to turn a new page … be a better me.

But no one can escape their past. Or their own heart.

And my heart pounded with fury for the only boy I knew I should never, ever crave.

Cole Travis.

The moment he laid his eyes on me, I was his.

He looked like the devil incarnate with his ash-black hair and dark, soul-crushing stare that could make any girl scream his name. And I knew right then that boy would end up breaking my heart.

Still, I made the plunge.

I didn’t know then how far I’d fall …

But he did.

He was counting on it.


I always knew how to make the girls fall.

It was easy to get them on their knees.

All I had to do was open my mouth and play my music.

I came alive when they lined up to scream my name, begging for a dirty smile and a filthy kiss. Girl after girl, I gave them what they wanted, and they fawned all over me.

But it was never enough. I always wanted more … and I did anything to get it, no matter how many hearts I had to break.

I was bad, and I knew it every step of the way.

But I simply didn’t care.

Nothing mattered.

Not my education.

Not my popularity.

Not my career.

Not even my fucking heart.

Until her.

Chapter 1


When I pull into the parking lot of my new school in my Range Rover, panic sets in. Black Mountain Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools around here, even more so than my previous school, Falcon Elite Prep. All the rich, spoiled kids attend here, and now that includes me.

But I’m grateful for the opportunity to start over.

Now all I need to do is muster the courage to get out of my car.

A hand on my shoulder makes me jolt up and down in my seat. “You’ve got this.”

I turn my head to look over my shoulder at Sam, who’s smiling in the back seat. She came all this way with me just to be a good friend and wish me good luck.

“I know,” I say, nodding a few times to force myself to believe my own words.

“And if anyone harasses you or bullies you, you know I’m gonna be right there to whoop some ass,” she adds, making a fist to pound into her other hand.

I snort. “You sound like me now.”

“You’ve turned me into a proper bitch,” she says, and we both laugh.

“Good. It’s about time I found my own bitch back.”

“That’s what I wanna hear.” She squeezes my shoulder. “Go on then. Your cousin is waiting for you.”

I take a peek outside where Ariane, with her long, curly blond hair and her cute short school skirt, waves at me from the pavement.

“My God … that thing’s related to you?” Sam mutters. “She looks like she just stepped out of that Stepford wives movie.”

“Tell me about it,” I groan. “But I guess you don’t choose your family, or I would’ve traded mine long ago.”

She snorts. “Is your entire family as feisty as you? Because now I’m starting to wonder if they would’ve traded your ass too.”

I throw her a look. “HA. Ha. Wait until you meet her,” I say, and I grab my bag from the back and open the door.

“Oh, boy,” Sam responds as she gets out too. “Whatever is she hiding underneath those pearly curls?”

With a snort, I slam the door shut. Somehow, with our banter, she always manages to calm the storm raging in my heart. No more anxiety; I’ve got this.

“You ready?” Sam asks from beside me.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I say with a sigh.

“You give ’em hell,” Sam says, patting my back. “And if anyone bothers you, you call me, alright?”

“Right.” I nod, blowing out my breath before I throw my bag over my shoulder and walk off.

“I’m gonna call my mom to come and pick me up,” she says. “When you’re done with class, text me about your day. Tell me how it all went down.”

“Course,” I reply. “Thanks.”

I don’t like saying goodbye, especially not to my best friend, and especially not when she’s looking at me like that. She’s worried we’ll see each other less and less … until we no longer have time for the other.

But I won’t ever let it get to that point. She’ll always be my best friend, and nothing can ever