Rock Radio - By Lisa Wainland Page 0,1

had the power.

“Yeah,” he murmured, “it’s good, really good.” The tape lay unlistened to on his desk, he was referring to her skillful hands.


“Ummm. We’ll go over it together, I’ll help you improve.”

“And then you’ll put me on the air.” Heather wasn’t planning on furthering her education. She knew she didn’t really need a degree to get a job in radio. College was a good way to get an internship at a radio station and an internship meant a job.


“You know I’ll help you,” Jonny whispered.

God! His power made her tingle with desire. Heather kissed Jonny’s neck slowly, making sure he could feel her naked body against his. Give him what he wants...seal the deal.

“You make me an offer that’s hard to refuse,” he replied grabbing her, unable to control himself any longer.

They made love quickly, Jonny tempering his insane lust for her with his need to get back to work. Voice tracking was great, but other people needed him during the day, mainly Ted Reed, the Program Director. Ted was always on his back. When Ted made him Assistant Program Director, he told Jonny clearly, “You’ll handle all the bullshit. I’ll handle the music.” The bullshit included the other jocks on the station and the salespeople. This in itself was a fulltime job. Not that Jonny couldn’t understand Ted’s lack of interest in the functional details of the station. Ted Reed had been there, done that with radio. An extreme perfectionist, Ted ran WORR with a firm grip.

He needed control of everything.

Everything except the petty crap of running the station.

Oh, Ted was a stickler on what music was played, how the station was promoted and how the jocks sounded on the air, but when it came to the day to day business...those duties were relegated to Jonny. Ted wanted nothing to do with scheduling shifts or assigning appearances. The last task meant dealing with the salespeople and if Ted could, he avoided them at all costs. His focus was the station and the music.

Jonny hated him.

Ted took credit for creating the Jonny Rock phenomenon. Sure, Ted had given him his ticket to stardom by putting him in the afternoon drive shift, but that was all he did. Jonny’s talent was his own. He made the station, the station didn’t make him. But Jonny needed his job like oxygen. In no other career could he have the fame and attention he so desperately needed. So he put up with Ted. Jonny was more famous than Ted was anyway. This gave him some satisfaction.

Jonny needed to draw on that feeling of superiority when he dealt with the salespeople. They constantly approached him to do appearances and endorsements. He was grateful for the gigs, they meant extra money, but the salespeople were a huge pain in his ass, overpaid phonies who kissed up to him and glommed onto him and his popularity as a measure of their own success. Jonny loved admiration, but not from them. The salespeople used him, parading him in front of their clients as the miracle worker.

“An endorsement from Jonny is like money in your pocket,” they’d promise. “Right, buddy, boy,” they’d then confirm with a punch to his shoulder.

“Yeah, right,” he’d say with a pasted on smile.

He hated the whole dog and pony show. He hated how the salespeople acted like he was their best friend. If he wasn’t popular, if he couldn’t put money in their pockets, they wouldn’t give a crap about him.

Jonny pulled away from Heather. Thoughts of work took him out of the mood, out of the moment. He was done.

“Sorry, sweetie, I gotta get back.”

“Sure, Jonny.” Heather slipped out from under the sheet allowing him to take in her naked frame. She bent down to pick up her thong underwear that just an hour earlier was flung with careless abandon.

Jonny admired the view.

She quickly pulled on her pair of jeans and put on her tight yellow halter top. She needed to tease him a little, make him want more.

“So we do this like last time?” she asked referring to their staggered return to the station so as not to draw attention to their joint disappearance.

“Perfect. I’ll go back first, then you come back, say in a half hour or so?”


“All right then,” Jonny said rising from the bed. “Now give me kiss to think about.”

Chapter 2

Jonny returned to the station, slipping in quickly through the back employee entrance. He was only gone an hour and a half. If no one needed him,