Revealing the Monster (Playing with Monsters #4) - Amelia Hutchins Page 0,2

pretty face to yours any day of the week.” Vlad bowed his head before heading back to Shadowlands, the only club left in Spokane that still stood untouched. He had Synthia and Erie place magical wards around it, creating a moving sanctuary for those in need. If humans or anything close to it tried to enter, Vlad would send their asses to Alden, and he would put them into training for the newly opened guild.

I vanished, appearing in the shadows, noting that Lena had changed out of her armor. Her caramel-colored hair was up tonight, and a few stray strands framed her heart-shaped face. Wide blue eyes with tiny flecks of green peered up at the ceiling of Club Chaos, which mirrored the night sky just for her. Lena wasn’t simply pretty; she was ethereally gorgeous. Her ample breasts pushed against her tight shirt, complementing the thin skirt that outlined her narrow hips. There was still an emptiness to her that wouldn’t be filled until I righted her world, and I fucking would. There was no universe where Lena didn’t get everything she wanted, not after everything she’d given up. I wished I could tell her about our son, but I had to be cautious, keeping my cards close to my chest to play out carefully. I wouldn’t chance to lose her over how I’d obtained him.

Harbinger was tiny and perfect, just like his mother. Lena needed to give him a suitable name that didn’t represent what he was foretold to become. He may have been born to be the harbinger, but that didn’t mean he would fulfill the prophecy.

War created monsters, and the most evil of beings became that way because of something that triggered them. Lena was the mother of my child, and I didn’t think for one moment she could create anything evil. She was pure and untainted by hatred, even after everything she’d endured. Nah, Magdalena Fitzgerald wouldn’t allow her son to become the end of this pathetic fucking rock, because this was her home. She’d get the opportunity to raise our son right, and she’d love him no matter what type of monster he was or could become.

Harbinger was in my world, waiting for us to bring him his cousin, whom he would call sister.

The thought of Lena being in my home caused my chest to tighten with unfamiliar emotions. Lifting my hand, I pressed it against my chest to still the pounding of my heart. Turquoise eyes slid toward me, and I smiled. Lena still needed some time to adjust. It wasn’t every day you learned the man you were with wasn’t even close to being human.

“Creeper,” Lena called to me, her attention moving back to the night skies. “Find anything?”

“No, but we’ll find Makenna. If I have to bring Hell to its knees and turn it inside out to get her back, I will,” I murmured against Lena’s ear, appearing beside her with a mere thought from my mind. She leaned back, melting into my body. “I missed you.” Blowing out the air she’d been holding without realizing it, her fingers slid through mine, clutching me against her.

“I know. I felt you.” Lena angled her head to the side, looking up at me. “How’s Spyder?” Her heartbeat echoed, rising to a rapid beat with her question.

“He’s in pain because of the bond he still carries, but he’s adjusting. He’ll come around, eventually.”

That fucking bond haunted me. Spyder was suffering, and we’d found no way to release him. It seemed the more we tried to break it, the worse it became. Lena had cemented the bond between her and me. In doing so, she’d mated me, and through the bond, she’d unknowingly claimed Spyder, cursing him to an endless cycle of pain.

Did I want them together? No. But through the bond, Spyder was cursed to feel us every time I was with her. I wanted him beside me. Instead, he spent his nights away from us, getting drunk and cursing the magic that continued to bind us all together. There were ways to break the bond without physical contact, but they were iffy. And on the flip side, Lena wasn’t into being shared.

Lena felt Spyder as much as she felt me, which meant there were three of us in this relationship, and worse, he wore the same fucking claiming mark I had from her. Poor bastard couldn’t even fuck someone without killing them because of the bonding. Lena had unknowingly claimed the fucker as