Revealing the Monster (Playing with Monsters #4) - Amelia Hutchins Page 0,1

silver eyes moved faster than normal as he folded his arms over his broad chest, tilting his head to the side. “I’m not confident it’s enough details to help you find Makenna, though.”

“There’s been no confirmation that the child lives,” I muttered, glancing down at the ramblings of notes containing information that Vlad’s girls had got from their clientele by fucking them. Sex clubs had perks, and most of them came from the mouths of men or creatures not thinking anything of a woman riding a cock, asking questions. It was one reason I’d opened up several sex clubs from coast to coast, collecting intelligence on my enemies. My clubs allowed me to enjoy the best of both worlds, making it easier to slip my world into this one. “I hope Lucifer has some fucking heart left. If not, Makenna might already be dead. It would destroy Lena if that were the case.”

I’d forced the furies to return the full function of Magdalena’s emotions, even though Nyx and the other soulless beings told her she didn’t have them. Lena hadn’t completely lost all of her emotions, probably because she had managed to keep a sliver of her soul, which Hades had ensured upon her death. The rest of that soul was in my possession now, but with the seal still within Lena, she wouldn’t be able to hold any more than a tangible piece of it.

“I fear that, too. Lena has had enough people taken away from her in a very short time. We all have. Fucking wars are bloodbaths, and I know we’re still in the midst of one. Kahleena remains missing, and Syn has started hunting for her, even in her pregnant state. Luckily, Ryder and Zahruk are searching as well, never leaving Syn alone in her precarious position. I just hope that they’re having more luck than we are,” Vlad stated, pushing his fingers through his dark hair. “Any luck finding information about their daughter on your end?”

“I have my people looking for any sign of Kahleena and Makenna.” I’d promised to keep my ear to the ground for any news about Ryder and Syn’s daughter. No one inside this world would be stupid enough to fuck with Kahleena, let alone brag about stealing the High Princess of the Fae. Luckily for us, I had enough connections that there wasn’t anywhere I couldn’t reach for information, not even Hell.

“Do you think Kahleena is in this world?” Vlad asked, studying me.

“I think she might be in Hell,” I admitted as he exhaled. “That was my thoughts exactly on the matter. I have heard whisperings that one of the dark princes stole a princess, but not whom or why they did it. Until I confirm the rumor, I wouldn’t tell Ryder. He and Synthia have lost enough, and the fae don’t belong in the Underworld, searching the dark corners. I have men looking into it, and the moment I hear back, Ryder and Syn will know what I do.”

“I never thought that you showing up here would be a blessing, Lucian,” Vlad scoffed, sliding his gaze to Spyder, who had crossed his arms over his chest, watching us. “Still don’t, assholes. I’m just glad you guys ended up on our side. If I learn anything, I’ll holler.”

“Have you seen Erie lately?” Spyder asked cautiously.

“She was here about an hour ago. She created that pile of bodies and then left before Callaghan showed up on her heels. His people have begun showing signs of the sickness, believed to be tied to the curse. Some have died already. Callaghan is getting desperate, and Erie is enjoying the fight more than anything else.”

My attention shifted to the corpses Erie had placed in sexual poses. Snorting, I shook my head. Crazy bitch. She’d fought beside Synthia with nothing covering her naked breasts, never missing a beat, as if the world hadn’t changed around her. Lena had stopped mid-battle, studying Erie before peering down at her leather-clad body in the armor I had made for her. The idea of Lena doing the same as Erie made my balls tighten. Then I’d noticed the crowd of men watching Erie and pushed that need aside before baring my teeth at the bastards. Erie may not be mine, but she was like a fucking sister to me. A crazy sister, but we went back past this world and others.

“I’m returning to Lena. No offense, but I prefer her company to yours, Vampire.”

“I agree, Lucian. I’d fancy her