Ravage (Royal Fae Academy #1) - Lacey Carter Andersen Page 0,1

his emotions, bringing them inside of me. It’s just a taste, like the first mouthful of a delicious pie, but my stomach rumbles in appreciation. Soon I’ll drain him of his negative emotions and the hunger inside of me will finally be quenched.

The next morning he’ll feel like hell, like he drank too much. But otherwise, he’ll be fine. I’m not exactly going to suck him dry and leave him dead in the middle of the club.

That would draw too much attention, and besides, killing is reserved for those truly deserving of it.

Suddenly, a hand grabs my arm tightly.

I turn a little, prepared to unleash my magic on whoever was foolish enough to touch me, and stare up into a familiar face. My jaw drops open, and I forget all about my victim. Bron is here!

Tall, dark, sexy Bron. But why?

It’s like my brain isn’t comprehending what I’m seeing right in front of my face. Maybe because it’s impossible. My older brother’s best friend should still be at the academy with him. And if he wasn’t at the academy, he wouldn’t be here. He hadn’t come to our hometown in years.

“Don’t,” he says, and there’s a warning in his hazel eyes.

I stare in confusion. His jaw is locked. Anger radiates from him so deliciously that I almost stand up and lick him, and what’s that? Jealousy?

Suddenly, his emotions disappear.

My stomach aches at the loss of such a banquet. “Don’t what?” I ask.

His gaze flickers to the other man. “Let’s go. I need to talk with you.”

He needs to talk with me? About what? The last time I saw my brother’s friends they treated me like his annoying little sister after years of being my best friend too. Now, out of nowhere, Bron shows up ordering me not to enjoy my meal?

“Let me finish first.”

His eyes flash with an unnamed emotion. “Not a chance.”

I lick my lips and his gaze follows the movement. “I’m hungry.”

“Fuck,” he swears. “Come on then.”

“And what am I going to eat?” I ask, surprised by the husky note to my voice.

He raises a brow. “If you come with me, I’ll let you taste me.”

Suddenly, the human is between us. “If she’s going to taste anyone tonight, it’s going to be me.”

“Sit the fuck down,” Bron orders, his free hand bunching into a fist.

The human seems to realize a second too late that Bron is a good head taller than him with muscles for miles. I always thought Bron had a sexy edge to him, but tonight, there’s something dangerous about him that sends a strange thrill down my spine. For a second my worry about the two idiots fades away, and my gaze is glued to Bron’s big arms. The academy must have a damned good gym.

“We’re leaving,” Bron says.

The guy opens his mouth, and then snaps it closed. Smart, buddy, no need to get your ass kicked.

Bron’s hand closes around my arm once more, and he’s hauling me out of the club through the back door. Every instinct inside of me wants to rebel, to put him in his place, to remind him that I’m not the kind of woman he should be grabbing and hauling anywhere. Yet, I haunt this club regularly, and I wasn’t about to make a scene, so I let him drag me out.

But the second we step out into the cold night, I stop walking, forcing him to stop.

“Come on!” And I don’t exactly appreciate the note to his voice.

“You took my meal, now you’ve become my meal.”

His gaze moves over me again. “We’ve got other things to worry about.”

Irritated, I shove him back against the wall of the alley. “I went with you, but I’m not going any further until I’m fed.”

He’s breathing hard. “Fine, but make it quick.”

I close my eyes and place a hand on his muscular chest. My senses stretch out, but he’s invisible to me. “You have to let me in,” I say.

He’s tense beneath my touch, but slowly I sense him. Anger, worry, and an edge of jealousy.

I take a shaky breath in. Some people’s negative emotions leave a bad taste in my mouth, usually if they’re a bad person. But good people, with the feelings that feed my kind, there’s something sweet and delicious about the way they taste. And Bron, he tastes damn good.

Drinking him in, I shift closer, and his hands are suddenly at my waist. Our bodies press together, and I feel him releasing more and more of himself to