Playing the Game (Providence University #6) - Ali Parker Page 0,2

and more each week, but that was only because we were inching closer to the championships and our coaches were pushing us harder than ever.

Rugby had been my way into college, but I didn’t see it as a future. I enjoyed it, but I hoped there would come a time when I could move on with my life and carry the fond memories of the field with me.

I had other things I wanted to take away from college, and the biggest one of them led the team as they finally took the practice field.

Everyone had warned me about Seth, not only Clara, but there was something about him that fascinated me and made my heart race every time I laid eyes on him.

I took a deep breath and pushed those feelings down, knowing they were probably right. Even my own sister had problems with him, and well, I had seen just how inconsiderate he could be.

Things had been going great between us, and I loved spending time with him, but the closer we got, the more I had a chance to see what people were talking about.

Not only did Seth have a temper when things didn’t go his way, but he had a hard time doing the right thing. It was bad enough he cheated on Layla and treated her badly—from what I’d been told—but he had let me down too. I hadn’t told a soul, and not even Seth knew what had me shying away.

Just after our date two weeks ago, when Seth had taken me to the movies, we left the theater to go to a party at the Omega House. Things were going fine until I left him for five minutes to find a bathroom.

Sure, we had turned some heads upon our arrival, and I was super excited to be there with him, hoping that everyone would see that we were taking the next steps at becoming the latest hot couple at Providence University. But I had not expected anyone to have a problem with me.

I had been so foolish that night, fluffing out my usually flat, blonde hair, and adding a little extra lip gloss to impress him. When I returned, I found Seth standing at the keg, talking to one of his friends.

The guy, who I thought was named Ben or some three-letter name I had decided wasn’t important enough to remember, was cracking jokes, and the two of them were laughing. “Dude, isn’t that tomboy rugby chick you’re seeing like a lesbian or bi? I didn’t think she liked boys.”

Seth shook his head and laughed. “Who’s talking about boys? I’m a man.” He gave the guy a jab in the arm. “Besides, maybe I’ll get lucky and get a threesome with her and one of her hot friends. Talk about some hot action.”

They laughed it up together and chugged their drinks.

I turned and held back a minute so Seth wouldn’t know I overheard him, and when it was time to take me home, he didn’t know why I was so upset. “Come on,” he said. “Smile for me. You’ve been acting weird since we got to the party. I left because I thought you wanted us to be alone. I know I want to.” His voice softened a bit, but he had that look in his eyes like he had a lot more on his mind.

“It’s not that,” I said. “I’m just tired.”

Seth let out a heavy sigh. “Well, you said your sister isn’t home, so maybe I could come in for a while? I could tuck you in for the night.” He gave me a smoldering grin, and as much as I had wanted the night to end with us together, I just couldn’t bring myself to forgive what he’d said.

“No, I think I need to sleep.”

He pulled into the parking lot of my apartment and stopped the Jeep. “Come on, Avery. You said we’d have the place alone. I really thought that you liked me.”

“I do. I guess I’m a lot more exhausted than I thought. It must have been the movie.”

Seth looked puzzled. “The movie was awesome. I thought you’d like that kind of show. It was all action.”

“Why would you think that? Because I’m a tomboy?” I looked away, unable to meet his eyes.

I finally glanced over after a minute of silence, and he gave me a strange look. “No, because of the lead actor. I know how girls like that guy. Layla was in love with him. She even