The Pastor's Heart - By Desiree Future Page 0,1

plus- sized woman with slanted eyes surely had Kingston’s attention. Her curly dark brown hair stopped inches below her cute dimples and those legs of hers sent chills down Kingston’s spine. Even though she was clearly much shorter than the six foot Kingston, she had perfect legs that seem to go on forever. Her curvaceous body reminded Kingston of the original Coca- Cola bottle because of its curvy shape. Kingston smiled even more after his mental assessment of the fine woman.

“I make it my business to know all of my customers, but I have never seen you here before. Are you new around here?” Kingston wanted to know because he had intentions of seeing her again even if she didn’t know it herself.

“Actually I live in Washington DC. And I heard that your store sells white chocolate and wherever there is white chocolate Sinclair Madison is,” Sinclair explained to the handsome man.

“Would it be fair to say that you are addicted? I mean you drove thirty minutes from DC out here to College Park?” This woman was really intriguing Kingston and he had to find out more about her.

“Addictive is such a harsh word,” Sinclair said skating around answering the question. “But it’s very true.” She admitted.

“Well it just so happens that we have a sale on White Chocolate if you’re interested?” Kingston was having such a nice conversation that he didn’t want it to end.

Before Sinclair could even reply, her cell phone started ringing. She excused herself to answer it near the bottles of mustard.

“Hello.” Sinclair spoke into her phone. “What happened? Now? But I’m not even in DC now.” Sinclair paused to let the person explain further. “Okay calm, down. This is what you’re going to do. Grab the documents from my desk and I will meet you in front of the courthouse. Okay. I’m on my way.”

Sinclair was enjoying her conversation with Mr. Carter. Any man held her attention when he spoke of white chocolate. But this man was not only handsome, but those gray eyes of his seemed to be piercing her soul. He sported a bald head that fit his face nicely with a well-maintained goatee. To Sinclair he looked like a basketball player because of his tall slender physique. He was definitely good eye candy she thought as she finished her phone call.

“I’m sorry Kingston, it was nice meeting you but I have an emergency. I have to go right now,” Sinclair said as she prepared to leave. “I don’t even have time to pay for my things. I have to go.” Sinclair gave Kingston her shopping basket and rushed down the aisle.

“Wait!” Kingston said but it was too late, Sinclair was already at the end of the aisle leaving him behind.

“I’ll be back for the white chocolate,” Sinclair said over her shoulder while speed racing down the aisle.


Three hours later, Sinclair sat in a diner with her best friend, Robyn and her attorney husband Desmond. They sat in a small booth with a picture window looking out onto the busy streets of Washington DC. The walls of the tiny, but quaint diner were decorated with old records of the fifties and sixties era, giving it a retro look.

“Sinclair, you did it yet again. Not only were you on point with everything you said but it was also everything you did.” Desmond said as he sipped on his coffee.

“I didn’t do anything. I just told the judge what services I was able to secure for her. Nothing more, nothing less.” She replied while sipping from her coffee cup.

“Stop being modest, you saved that girl’s behind. She was clearly looking at about eighteen months in jail for stealing yet again.” Robyn interjected. “Because of you she is only getting probation for three years. You rock, Sinclair Madison.” She went on as she raised her glass to toast, as did Desmond.

“Thanks, but I was just doing my job and that’s just helping people when and where I can. But who knew the judge would reschedule on super short notice and demand our presence at once. I finally had plans this weekend.”

“The judge had to reschedule his calendar because he had an emergency. Had we not gotten to the court today, Olivia would have spent the next two weeks in jail because the judge had to leave the country.” Desmond went on as he loosened his tie. “Sorry about your plans for this weekend. What exactly were you going to do and who with might I ask?”