Not Fit for a King - By Jane Porter


When blue blood runs hot …

Separated at birth, twin sisters Hannah and Emmeline had very different upbringings. Hannah was raised in a small town in Texas, while Emmeline took her rightful place as Princess, enjoying a life of unequalled privilege.

Reunited years later, the identical sisters cause the scandal of the century by swapping places and posing as each other.

But now their paths have crossed with two powerful rulers—and their princess-and-pauper charade is about to be exposed …

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Available December 2011

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Dear Reader

When I was a little girl I loved fairytales and far-away places, and stories of princesses and palaces. I pored over books with photographs of castles, and drew pictures of the castle I’d one day have.

In my heart I was sure I was a princess who’d been placed with an ‘ordinary’ family for safekeeping, and that one day my real family—my royal family—would come and claim me. As the years passed, I remember worrying that I was getting older and my ‘real family’ hadn’t come. I feared that maybe my parents—the King and Queen—would die, and no one would know I was their secret princess daughter and I’d have to remain ordinary for ever.

Little wonder that stories about princesses separated at birth would appeal to me … stories of sisters growing up without their mother or each other … stories of girls knowing something was missing but never knowing what.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story of ordinary American secretary Hannah Smith and powerful King Zale Patek of Raguva. It’s a story of destiny, hope, possibility and fate. It’s my favourite kind of story—emotional, passionate and magical.

This story is for you, my readers, with love.


Not Fit For a King

Jane Porter

About the Author

JANE PORTER grew up on a diet of Mills & Boon® romances, reading late at night under the covers so her mother wouldn’t see! She wrote her first book at age eight, and spent many of her high school and college years living abroad, immersing herself in other cultures and continuing to read voraciously. Now Jane splits her time between rugged Seattle, Washington, and the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, with her sexy surfer and three very active sons. Jane loves to hear from her readers. You can write to her at PO Box 524, Bellevue, WA 98009, USA. Or visit her website at

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For Tessa Shapcott, who bought my first book in January 2000 and changed my life for ever!


Palm Beach, Florida

“YOU do look like me.” Princess Emmeline d’Arcy’s voice was hushed as she slowly circled Hannah, her arched eyebrows pulling over deep blue eyes. “Same face, same height, same age … if our hair color was the same … we could pass for twins. Incredible.”

“Not exactly twins. You’re half my size, Your Highness,” Hannah said, suddenly self-conscious next to the very slim Princess Emmeline. “Itty-bitty, as we say in America.”

Princess Emmeline didn’t appear to hear her, too busy examining Hannah from head to toe. “Do you color your hair? Or is that natural? Either way, it’s gorgeous—such a rich, warm shade of brown.”

“It’s from a box. It’s several shades darker than my natural color, and I do it myself,” Hannah stammered.

“Can you buy your color here in Palm Beach?”

Hannah couldn’t believe that the stunning golden-blond princess would be interested in her shade of brown hair dye. “I’m sure you can—it’s sold everywhere.”

“I meant, could you buy it for me?”

Hannah hesitated. “I could. But why would you want it, Your Highness? You’re stunning, so beautiful as you are.”

Princess Emmeline’s full lips curved and yet her expression looked bleak. “I thought maybe for a day I could be you.”


The princess walked away from Hannah, moving to stand at one of the tall windows of her lavish hotel suite where she gazed out over the hotel’s elegant, tropical Florida garden.

“I’ve made a terrible mess of things,” Princess Emmeline said softly, hands lifting to press against the glass as if she were a captive instead of the world’s most celebrated young royal. “But I can’t even leave here to sort things out. I’m followed wherever I go—and it’s not just the paparazzi—but my bodyguards, my secretary, my ladies-in-waiting.” Her slim shoulders shifted and her fingers curled until her hands were fists against the glass. “For just one day I want