Not Compatible - Viola Grace Page 0,2

body was clinging to the exterior of the tower, and the head had extended in via the balcony. The body was the same midnight purple as the man she was lying on, but the eyes were a bright crimson.

She gripped her arm and said, “Computer, what is the drake’s part in the scenario?”

“The drake is a segment of the client. It requires a kiss to complete its scenario. A princess costume is highly effective.”

“Fucking hell.” She carefully got away from the client, and she focused on her appearance. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she was wearing a coronet and a gown that was just thick enough to make her limbs vague.

As she walked toward the drake, the gown was whipped by the wind, and the panels of fabric that were held in place by a gold chain and small pins at her shoulders went flying about, exposing a lot of skin to her original target and her new one.

She walked up to the drake, and she bowed deeply. The head extended, and the nostrils flexed and snuffled as they took in her scent. She shivered as the casual brushes of the hard beak at the tip of his head bumped and dragged across her breasts.

“So, he gets a translucent gown, and I got a bodysuit?” The captain’s voice was amused.

She put her palms out and extended them toward the drake. The drake’s tongue lashed out, and he then pressed against her body and whined.

She frowned. “I don’t understand.”

The captain’s voice was amused. “He wants you on your feet with your legs apart. He’s missing a scent for his collection.”

She got to her feet, and the nostril pressed against the juncture of her thighs, inhaling wildly.

Strya’s cheeks were blushing, but this was all virtual and part of the job. If she had to get two parts of him out, she would.

“And now, the drake is going to kiss you.”

She frowned and yelped in surprise when the drake wrapped the tip of its tongue around her ankle, widened her stance, and then ran that same tongue up her leg and inner thigh, delving into her with shocking dexterity. Her knees buckled, and a hand wrapped around her waist. “Easy, just count to ten.”

She counted with every stroke, every slide, and she was nearly on the edge of orgasm when it concluded. Styra was panting, and the captain was holding her up. “Easy now, he’s gotten his maiden. He’s content to leave.”

She nodded. “Right. Well, did you want to leave from here? Or walk back to the entry point?”

He smiled. “I believe that we can take a short cut. Your suitor here would be happy to give you a ride.”

She blushed, and the drake’s eyes flashed silver before returning to crimson. It undulated up the tower and presented its neck. The captain didn’t give her an option, he picked her up and took up a seat on the drake, near the base of the thick neck. Once they were in place, the drake spread its wings and simply fell across the landscape, gliding back toward the entry point. The moment that they landed, she grabbed her wrist before the captain could say anything to her. “End scenario, eject clients.”

Chapter Two

Styra sat up and hit the com, “Mr. Blue, are they out?”


“Him and his drake. Two minds, one body. You could have warned me.”

“Confirmed. They have been released and are on their way to recovery.” He chuckled. “Huh. I had no idea that he was an activated hybrid.”

She shuddered and started to pull off her sensors and remove the filament. “He was very active.”

“Well, you earned your spa day. I would take it today. You sound tense.”

She groaned. “Right. Have you registered me with the spa?”

“Of course. Just walk in and do your biometrics. A day of snacks and pampering awaits.”

She grinned and went to remove the sensor suit. “Thanks for holding up your end of the deal, but I am still going to penalize you for setting me up to be groped by a drake.”


“Never mind. I am going to try and enjoy the rest of my day off in peace.” She sighed. “Or as much peace as I can get out here.”


She had her suit opened to the waist. “What?”

“Thank you.”

She paused. “You are welcome. Just verify their time compression, and everything should be good.”

“Already done. It is as I expected.”

Styra nodded and headed off to the changing room and finished hanging up the sensor suit before she