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she staggered free, and she could now see the castle that the drakes were circling. Styra paused for a moment, and then, she headed for the castle.

In the solid world, seconds had passed, but here, it took hours for her to hike to the castle. She was virtually sweaty and a little tired when she got to the castle and pulled on the chain to open the portcullis.

Styra stepped into the castle and didn’t flinch when the portcullis slammed down behind her. That was what it was supposed to do.

She sprinted up to the tower and climbed the endless wave of steps that were required to get her to the royal chamber. Styra looked around and blinked. There was something awry with the sleeping beauty. He was tall, he was dark purple, and he definitely wasn’t provided by the scenario.

She pressed her right hand to her left wrist. “Identify situation.”

The computer’s voice spoke in her ear. “Client determined that the offered female wasn’t suitable. Computer replaced the projection with the client.”

Styra groaned. “Right. I will wake him up.”

She walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Captain Yr-el. Please wake up.”

He was cool, and as she watched, stars moved on his skin. The leather straps across his chest were definitely not the standard clothing that the computer issued. Nor was the long skirt that wrapped at his hips and went straight to his ankles. The computer had turned him into the princess.

She shook him again and then gripped her left arm. “Computer. What is stopping the client from waking?”

“Client is awaiting completion of the scenario.”

“Fucking fantastic.” She groaned and looked him over. He was huge. There was nowhere to kneel on the edge of the dais, and she couldn’t reach his lips by leaning over, so she was going to hope that she had good reflexes when he started to wake.

She took a few tries but ended up plastered on top of him with her arms supporting her weight near his head. His hair was a silky black, and his brows and lashes matched.

Styra looked at the strong line of his lips and quickly pressed her lips to his with her eyes squinched shut. She lifted her head. Nothing.

She rolled to one side and activated communication. “Computer, kiss was administered, no response.”

“Kiss of true love must be administered for no less than ten seconds.”

“Fucking fantastic,” she muttered.

She looked at him and rolled back to lying flat on him. She lowered her weight to her elbows and cursed Mr. Blue and all his scaly glory. He was so going to pay for this rescue.

She looked at the captain, and then, she pressed her lips to his, moving across his mouth to coax him into participating. She was counting until she got to seven, where she felt his mouth move under hers. His tongue eased along her lips, and she froze until she tasted him, groaning mentally at her chance to put on the aura of a staff member.

He threaded his hand through her hair and held her as he continued the kiss. She dueled tongues with him while he stroked a hand down her back and cupped her ass. That was it. She squeaked and pushed away from him, meeting his silver and amused gaze.

“Hmm. I didn’t think you were supposed to resist.”

She blushed. “I am a staff member. I needed to wake you, and that meant following the scenario protocols, more or less.”

He smiled. “You are real?”

She swallowed. “Yes. Well, this is a projection, just like your body is.”

To her complete shock, he kissed her again, tasting her and holding her head with both hands. His tongue twisted around hers in a fascinating way. Yes, it was a simulation, but it was a simulation of something that his mind knew very well.

Her body was humming with heat as he took his time exploring every inch of her mouth, and he seemed to be memorizing the taste of her.

She pressed her hands to his chest, and then, she thumped on him. He parted their lips in surprise.

“Sir, if you are done, we need to get you out of here. You have been in too long.”

He blinked in surprise and then smiled slowly. “Fair enough, but you will have to get his agreement as well.”

He nodded his head to the side, and she slowly turned to look in that direction, jolting in surprise as the head of a drake was looking at them from a few meters away. The