No Attachments - By Tiffany King


First, I have to thank the three girls in my life that make my job easier by a million. Hollie Westring, for being the best damn editor/friend a writer could ask for. Without you, my books would be a mess. I'm forever thankful that you took a chance on an unknown indie author. Sarah Hansen, for always giving me covers that make me swoon and most times even a little teary eyed. Your diligence to detail and an eye for beauty make you the best cover artist ever. Thank you for putting up with not only me, but Karl as well, despite the times you want to hit him in the face. Kelly Simmon, for believing in me and showing me that patience is indeed a virtue.

No acknowledgments page would be complete without thanking my Pack. They know who they are. Without you guys my life wouldn't be quite as bright and not nearly as entertaining. Your support and friendships make me a better person. I love all of you with all my heart.

To my amazing author friends, Carol Kunz, Heather Self, Sarah Ross, Tara Sivec, J. Sterling, Megan Duncan, Melissa Brown, Charles Sheehan-Miles, Ashley Wilcox, Airicka Phoenix, Tammara Rose Blodgett, Chelsea Fine, Lisette Brodey, Fisher Amelie, Raine Thomas and Heather Hildenbrand for making me feel like I'm a part of something important. Your support and love make me feel like the luckiest girl ever. Thank you for taking the time to read my books and for always helping me spread the word.

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends. All of you amaze me each and every day. Your unwavering support and friendship truly takes my breath away. I heart each and every one of you hard <3

To those that are the most important to me, my joy, my love, my family. My son Ryan, for always being able to make me laugh and for having a kind heart that makes me so very proud. My Ash, for sharing my love of reading and for proving that moms and daughters can be friends despite those dreaded teenage years. My loving hubby that makes all of this possible, for not wringing my neck when I get irrational, for always putting my wants ahead of your own. You give me the only love story I will ever need each and every day. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful to have you by my side.

Finally, to my readers. Without all of you none of this craziness would work. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the words I write. Your love and support allow me to be able to do what I love the most; write the stories that live in my soul.




Chapter 1: Why lightweights shouldn't drink

Chapter 2: The big head versus the little head

Chapter 3: What happened last night?

Chapter 4: The Decision

Chapter 5: Freefall

Chapter 6: Trying to be the Hero

Chapter 7: The face plant

Chapter 8: Appetizer anyone?

Chapter 9: A first date from hell

Chapter 10: A night in the hospital

Chapter 11: Anticipating the deed

Chapter 12: A surprise destination

Chapter 13: Caught in the rain

Chapter 14: Shower for Two

Chapter 15: Finally, a night to remember

Chapter 16: The Pledge

Chapter 17: The next day

Chapter 18: A day on the trails

Chapter 19: Taking a sick day

Chapter 20: The First Snow

Chapter 21: The Snow Angel

Chapter 22: Phase Two

Chapter 23: Wilma

Chapter 24: The Truth is Out

Chapter 25: Going Home

Chapter 26: Waiting

Chapter 27: Trying to Heal


YA Titles by Tiffany King

Please enjoy this excerpt from Faster We Burn

Chapter 1: Why lightweights shouldn't drink


"Come on, go," my friend, Tressa said, trying to push me out of my chair. "What good is a bucket list if you're too chicken to do any of it?"

"Zip it," I said out of the corner of my mouth as I apprehensively eyed the situation in front of me. It seemed like a good idea on paper, but actually committing to it suddenly made me nauseous. I took a long pull from my beer, hoping that would help calm my nerves. "God, that's disgusting." I grimaced as the foul liquid poured down my throat. "I don't know how people drink this crap," I complained, slamming the bottle back down on the table a little harder than I should have.

"You're stalling, Ash. Besides, this was your idea. Pick up a random stranger and bang his socks off," Tressa quipped. "You need to seize the opportunity before someone else does, otherwise you'll be SOL, and your only choice will be Old